The video tapes described below are original productions from the Labor Education Service. They are for sale for $20 each. When adding to your union's video library please consider some of these selections. Here is a printable list of our catalogue: LES DVD List for Sale (31.5 KB)

All orders must be prepaid and checks should be made payable to the Labor Education Service. If you have any questions, email us, or call 612-624-5020.

To order call 612-624-5020, or complete the Labor Education Service DVD order form (92.8 KB) and send to:

Labor Education Service/IRC
321 — 19th Avenue South, #3-300
University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, MN 55455

From Field to Factory: Sugar Beets, Trade and the Future of the Red River Valley

LES documents the harvesting and processing of sugar beets in the Red River Valley along the Minnesota/North Dakota border, highlighting the central importance of this industry to the region and the potentially devastating impact of the proposed Central American Trade Agreement to this industry and the area's economy.

The FTAA and the Miami Model: Free Trade, Foul Repression

See the police state reaction to November protests in Miami against the Free Trades Area of the Americas talks and hear about the threats to our economy and democracy posed by this potential agreement.

Labor's Turning Point

This exciting 43-minute documentary follows the 1934 Minneapolis Truckers Strike. The film relates how this bloody, massive campaign transformed the city from a bastion of the anti-labor Citizens Alliance to a union town. This pivotal struggle was also a catalyst for passage of the National Labor Relations Act, the foundation for today's labor law and collective bargaining in the United States.

Marty Levitt: A Dirty Business

A detailed examination of the union busting industry by a former practioner.

Minneapolis Truckers Make History

This 18-minute program on the 1934 strike summarizes the highlights of Labor’s Turning Point, together with footage of contemporary campaigns and footage of recent installations memorializing the conflict. The program is especially suitable for use in classrooms and is linked to an on-line curriculum.

Twin Cities Assembly Plant: A Job and a Family

History of the Ford/UAW plant in St. Paul from its founding in 1924 to the present, as told by workers and managers employed there.

The Willmar 8 Revisited

What motivated eight women, living in a small town, to take on the powerful banking industry? Twenty-five years after their groundbreaking strike at a Willmar bank, three of the women involved in this historic struggle recall the issues behind the walkout and talk about the effect it is still having today. The strikers, all women, became known as the Willmar 8 and attracted international attention. Parts of the popular, award-winning original film, The Willmar 8, are used with permission of director, Lee Grant.