Body of Knowledge Database

References, Bibiliographies, Articles and Books

The Body of Knowledge is a database containing citations and abstracts of literature (journal articles and books) on the subject of quality and performance improvement. While we do not claim to have all of the relevant literature in the quality and performance improvement field, we do think we have the vast majority of it. The database includes approximately 5,000 citations to materials published over the past ten years with some classic earlier citations. Only citations and abstracts are contained in this database, but a source is suggested for full text when it is available online.

The Criteria for Performance Excellence from the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award was used as a guide for deciding what to include in this database. We have used slightly modified versions of the categories, core values and concepts from the Baldrige Criteria to guide our selections. The specific categories used were:

  • Leadership for Quality
  • Strategic Planning for Quality
  • Customer and Market Focus
  • Information and Analysis
  • Human Resource Focus
  • Process Management
  • Business and Quality Results
  • Tools for Quality improvement
  • General Approaches and Philosophies
  • Definitions of Quality

Any suggestions for additions or corrections to the database would be appreciated. Please submit them to