Advisory Board

To ensure continued evolution and expansion of the Department of Marketing, the Institute established the Advisory Board. The Advisory Board consists of senior level executives from Minnesota and national businesses with connections to the field of marketing and the Carlson School of Management.

The purpose of the Advisory Board is to:

  • Engage with both faculty and students and provide advice on evolving, innovating, and expanding the department’s marketing initiatives and research
  • Provide guidance to the Institute creating partnerships between marketing department faculty research and marketing practitioners
  • Serve to strengthen the Institute through leadership in several key areas including joint venture research projects, national outreach, general advocacy and ambassadorship for the Institute
Kenneth Greer
Chief Marketing Officer, Augeo Marketing
President, Augeo+Greer
Carmen Johnson
Consumer Insights Director, iCON:
Insights on Consumers, Occasions, and Needs
General Mills, Inc.

David Van Horne
Vice President, Global Marketing
Boston Scientific Corporation

Tim Larson
Vice President, Global Customer Excellence
Polaris Industries
Paul Hillen
Vice President of Global Marketing
Carolyn Sakstrup
Vice President, Guest Center of Excellence
Stephen Lauring
VP, Customer & Marketing Insights
David Mucha
Vice President, Strategic Insights Group
United Healthcare
Dave Euson
Vice President of Marketing & Sales
G&K Services
James S. Henney
Senior Vice President
Wells Fargo
Academic Representative to the Advisory Board
David Hopkins
Program Director, Carlson Brand Enterprise
Academic Representative to the Advisory Board
George John
Professor and Associate Dean, General Mills-Gerot Chair in Marketing
Akshay R. Rao
Professor, General Mills Chair in Marketing