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Conference Agenda

Conference Agenda

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7:00 - 8:00 a.m. Registration and Breakfast - Sponsored by Land O'Lakes
8:00 - 9:30 a.m.
Welcome & Keynote Speaker
"Modern HR and the Rise of the People Function: Reframing the Role of HR for the Next 5 Years"
Bertrand Dussert, Vice President, HCM Transformation and Thought Leadership; Oracle

In the new era ushered in by the social, mobile, cloud and data revolutions of the past 5 years, the pace of change continues to accelerate faster than ever, and HR functions face a number of new challenges as they support businesses increasingly operating in a thrive or die environment. We will explore the role that HR functions can play in serving as catalysts to business agility and innovation. Our discussion will include current HR Transformation trends, and the impact that various disruptive technologies are having on what’s expected from HR. We will also explore three of the biggest business shifts affecting HR leaders, and discuss how these changes are driving HR functions to re-invent themselves into broader people functions. We’ll share research, business stories and examples of where to start the journey of re-invention to make HR into a force multiplier for the next five years.

Due to proprietary content and/or company policy, this presentation will not be available online, but you may contact the speaker directly at for more information.
9:30 - 9:45 a.m. Break 
9:45 - 10:55 a.m.

MORNING SESSION 1: BREAKOUTS (choose one of four)

Panel Discussion: "People Analytics in the Real World: What’s Working and Where Are We Headed?"

  • Moderator: Bertrand Dussert
  • Panelists: RJ Milnor, Chevron; Todd Schmidt, GE Capital; Samantha South, Allianz; Jon Thurston, 3M

Join this lively interactive session as four HR professionals share their experiences around the current state of people analytics and what the future may hold.

"Little Data vs. Goliath"
Fred Kiel, Executive Director, KRW Research Institute

This "complex world" can appear like a Goliath figure to business executives. The speaker has discovered an unnoticed and under-leveraged source that can bring simplicity. Kiel will present research findings that show the very strong connection between the character habits of a senior team and the value chain that follows – engagement, execution, and finally, bottom-line returns. He will present a case study of how an HR department in a Fortune 200 company applied his findings to their own function.

See Fred Kiel's presentation here: Fred Kiel Presentation (1.53 MB)

"Transforming Microsoft Through Talent - A New Performance Management Approach"
Chuck Edward, General Manager Global Talent Acquisition, Microsoft

Microsoft recently launched a new, innovative approach to performance management. The changes are instrumental in refreshing Microsoft's culture. Microsoft's Head of Global Talent Acquisition will detail the rationale for change and the journey (learnings) to date.

 Due to proprietary content and/or company policy, this presentation will not be available online.

"Increasing Business Competitiveness: 3M's Leadership Development Simulation"
Matt Luke, Global Leadership Development Manager, 3M

Reach more people, more quickly, with the same resources, and deliver value. It's a common request made of learning and development organizations given the rapid pace of change and competition. Fortunately, 3M is known for innovation and collaboration. Tapping its global network, 3M partnered with Business Smart to develop and launch an online customized business simulation to increase business competitiveness. Join the session to hear the lessons and learnings from the experience that will be valuable to organizations looking to increase the reach and speed of leadership development through the use of technology.

Due to proprietary content and/or company policy, this presentation will not be available online.

10:55 - 11:10 a.m. Break
11:10 - 12:20 p.m.

MORNING SESSION 2: BREAKOUTS (choose one of three)

"Temptations of a High Potential"
Featured Speaker Kevin Wilde,
Vice President of Organizational Effectiveness and Chief Learning Officer, General Mills

One of the emerging factors for business growth today is the quality and quantity of ‘ready now’ leaders. Many organizations face a talent pipeline deficient to meet growth strategies, so the accelerated development of high potential employees becomes central to success. As talent management professionals, it becomes critical to look beyond our set of established practices and tools and refocus on the individual high potentials in our organizations. Kevin Wilde, Vice President of Organizational Effectiveness and Chief Learning Officer at General Mills and Executive Leadership Fellow for the University of Minnesota Carlson Business School, will examine the enablers and challenges to nurturing high potential individuals -- and the critical role they play in the development of a high performance workforce.

See Kevin Wilde's presentation here: Kevin Wilde Presentation (5.03 MB)

"Everyday Performance Management: How Cargill Transformed Performance Management to Drive Employee Engagement"
Sharon Arad, Director, Assessment & Coaching, Employee Engagement and Performance Management, Cargill

In 2010, Cargill's complex external environment was changing rapidly, requiring the company to become more agile, reduce complexity, and simplify processes in order to focus on creating value to their customers. In response to these business priorities, Cargill implemented Everyday Performance Management (PM), an evidence-based practice that leveraged extensive internal and external research that pointed at the opportunity to simplify PM, adopt a new mindset, and focus on what really matters. In 2014, Cargill received the HRM Impact award, sponsored by SHRM and SIOP, in recognition of its evidence-based everyday performance management practice that contributes to the success of today’s global work organizations, making them better places in which to work. In this session, Dr. Sharon Arad will describe the design and implementation of Everyday PM, share employee experience and effectiveness outcomes after two years of applying Everyday PM, and discuss lessons learned and things to consider when embarking on transformational change.

See Sharon Arad's presentation here: Sharon Arad Presentation (1.48 MB)

"Strategic Staffing: Workforce Planning Meets Strategic Planning"
RJ Milnor,
Manager, Planning, Analytics & Reporting, Chevron

For the past 10 years, Chevron has leveraged its ‘Strategic Staffing’ process to identify the short- and long-term workforce needs to execute the company’s business objectives. The current process develops staffing demand and supply models to identify and address critical gaps.  RJ Milnor will discuss how Chevron is evolving its process to create more business impact though deep integration with strategic planning, application of advanced analytics, and incorporation of labor market data. Participants will learn how to align HR with business strategy in a way that leads to business-relevant and actionable workforce insights, and how to incorporate the disciplines of Workforce Analytics and Planning to provide both near- and long-term value to the business.

See RJ Milnor's presentation here: RJ Milnor Presentation (1.88 MB)

12:20 - 1:20 p.m. Lunch - Sponsored by Ingersoll Rand
1:20 - 2:30 p.m.

AFTERNOON SESSION 1: BREAKOUTS (choose one of four)

'HR Data Guy' or Why Finance Doesn't Rule the World Anymore"
Todd Schmidt,
Leader, Workforce Planning & HR Analytics, GE Capital

Step into a day in the life of the "HR Data Guy." At GE Capital HR data is being used in novel, groundbreaking ways to improve succession planning, attack organizational complexity and ultimately ensure HR has an important place at the table when discussing the future of the company. Participants will review, discuss and understand: organizational complexity metrics that can be implemented pragmatically; novel ways of approaching succession planning; and case studies of HR data bringing the HR department to the forefront of strategic initiatives.

Due to proprietary content and/or company policy, this presentation will not be available online.

"Two Heads Are Better Than One: How HR Can Ensure the Success of New Executives"
Mike Meyer, Senior Executive Coach, Meyer Partners

The success rate for newly hired and newly promoted executives is abysmal. Those executives who do survive take too long to be fully productive. And almost half of executives fail in their roles in their first 18 months, by some estimates. This is no better than "tossing a coin." The costs of lower productivity and failure to both the organization and the individual are significant. HR can play a pivotal role in the productivity and ultimate success of key executives. How? At this session, you will be equipped with coaching tools and assimilation techniques which you will be able to use immediately to make sure that your coin has "two heads.” You and your organizations will benefit immensely.

See Mike Meyer's presentation here: Mike Meyer Presentation (3.49 MB)

"The Leadership Development Continuum (LDC): Supporting Director to VP Transitions"
Karl Johnson, Assistant Dean, Carlson School Executive Education

HR leaders responsible for talent management, succession planning, and leadership development will benefit from the application of best-practices described in this session. The presenter will share a Leadership Development Continuum (LDC) framework refined in collaboration with the Carlson School's Executive Leadership Advisory Board. The LDC provides an accessible framework for understanding the leadership capabilities and developmental needs associated with each career level progression, from first-time supervisor through board director. In particular, the session will focus on the results of a nationwide study involving 300 directors, vice presidents and senior vice presidents. The study outcomes point to the most enticing and effective means for supporting the developmental needs of leaders as they progress from director (leading others) to vice president (leading the function) roles. Preferred coaching, peer network, and hybrid learning methodologies will be reviewed and discussed. Session participants will be invited to participate in ensuing Carlson studies related to leadership development and the sharing of best-practices of HR leaders responsible for talent management and leadership development over the following year.

See Karl Johnson's presentation here: Karl Johnson Presentation (2.73 MB)

"Arbitration/Mediation Agreements in the Workplace: Maximize Employee Engagement, Minimize Risk"
Joanne Mullen, Associate General Counsel HR/Employment; and Deb Kendall, Director of Talent Development and Inclusion; Ecolab

In 2014 Ecolab engaged in a project to implement Arbitration Agreements for all current employees. At the same time, they created a program to maximize options for employees to internally address concerns, including establishing an Ombudsman office. This presentation will examine the process utilized by the company in order to be legally compliant but also to insure that all employees signed the agreement. We will discuss why we made the decision to implement, whether Arbitration Agreements are right for your company, the decision-making as to the plan and then walk through the actual roll-out. Finally we will share our experience with the strategy regarding non-compliance of employees and the actual timing and content of the communication plan.

Due to proprietary content and/or company policy, this presentation will not be available online.   

2:30 -2:45 p.m. Break
2:45 - 4:00 p.m.
Closing Comments & Afternoon Keynote Speaker
"Career Lessons – How Leadership, Culture and Engagement Drive Success"
Shari Ballard, President, U.S. Retail and Chief Human Resources Officer, Best Buy
Imagine an organization where most employees are fully engaged. Not only do they show up, but they consistently do exceptional work. Imagine an organization where effective leaders understand that the most valuable source of competitive advantage is a workforce that consistently and willingly performs at its best. Imagine interconnected with employees and leaders is an organizational culture defined by all of their life experiences, strengths, weaknesses, education, and upbringing. Shari Ballard will weave her life experiences and real life stories into the interconnectedness of employees, leaders and culture as necessary elements to drive the success of business.
4:00 - 5:30 p.m. Reception - Sponsored by Best Buy