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7:00 - 8:00 a.m. Registration and Continental Breakfast - Sponsored by Land O'Lakes
8:00 - 9:30 a.m.
Welcome and Keynote Speaker

Adam Holton, Chief Human Resources Officer & SVP, CHS
"Cultural Complacency: Building an Organization that Embraces Change Leadership"
History is full of stories of once-great companies that are now gone, and their downfall often comes back to one word: complacency. Cultural complacency is hard to recognize, and is almost impossible to overcome once it sets in. Adam Holton calls upon his experience in the Marine Corps, at GE and CHS Inc. to share ideas for codifying an organization’s culture, and a four-part strategy for ensuring change leadership within an organization. Learn strategies for building a culture that can withstand aggressive growth targets yet flexible enough to move with a changing marketplace, and immunize against complacency.

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“The Evolution of Employer Wellness Programs”
Moderator: Katie White, Ed.D, Assistant Professor, Division of Health Policy and Management, University of Minnesota

Panel Members:

  • Jean Abraham, Ph.D., Wegmiller Professor of Healthcare Administration, Division of Health Policy and Management, University of Minnesota
  • Daniel Moloney, Senior Vice President, Data Science and Operations, RedBrick Health
  • Paul Terry, Ph.D, President and CEO of the Health Enhancement Research Organization (HERO)

The employer wellness industry is evolving and expanding as a result of technological advances, public policy, and an increasing interest by organizations to improve the health and productivity of their employees.   Experts from industry and academia will share perspectives and engage with audience participants regarding industry trends, wellness strategy development and best practices, the role of incentives on behavior change, and the evidence base to support the value on investment (VOI) of employer wellness programs and policies.

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“Ecolab & Workday: Creating a Global Foundation for Workforce Analytics”
Glen Johnson, VP, HR Technology, Ecolab; Dan Beck, SVP of Product Marketing and Technology Strategy, Workday
Glen Johnson and Dan Beck will discuss Ecolab's business case and selection of Workday HCM, and the unified workforce management and talent planning solution they are deploying globally. They’ll describe the work done to date on this deployment and the inherent business benefits, including creating the foundation for future analytics capabilities to support talent decisions. Participants will learn about building a business case for global HCM and creating a foundation for workforce analytics.

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"Progressing People Practices Amid Business Transformation"
Andi Marston, Vice President, Human Resources, Target Corporation
Retail as an industry is in the midst of a major shift as consumer shopping behavior has evolved in the digital age.  This has had huge implications for business strategies and the talent needed to drive the business.  The resulting shift affects how work gets done, the talent needed and the basic behaviors needed to drive success.  As a result, the HR ecosystem at Target needed to adapt with the change.  This included a new performance management approach that was more iterative and relevant, a more focused set of leadership expectations in a challenging time and an approach to career that is more focused on experiences than on a ladder to be climbed.  The intended result being a team with clear expectations, a live dialogue with their leader and a culture that promotes growth and development.

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“Aligning Performance and Total Rewards”
Ken Fairchild, Vice President of Global Rewards, Medtronic
Ken Fairchild will share the company's approach to aligning organization and employee performance and total rewards including lessons learned from the past five years. His presentation will help attendees understand key principles for aligning performance with financial and non-financial incentives; understand how organization culture and design impact performance management and total rewards program design; and share insights on how a company has evolved its approach toward performance management and total rewards over the past five years.

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“Maximizing the Power of Coaching to Lead Organizational Change”
Marci Heerman, Coaching Practice Lead in Talent Center of Excellence, Cargill
Maximizing the power of external and internal coaching to empower leaders at all levels in the organization to activate change is a major focus for organizations interested in building agile, resilient change capability as a core competency. Cargill is using professional coaches, internal coaches and a "manager-as-coach" approach for leaders across the globe to accelerate the ability of leaders to take on more complex and challenging roles to meet the demands of a rapidly changing marketplace. As a result of this session, participants will learn about the strategy used to train and deploy 150 internal coaches as change agents in unlocking the potential of leaders to create higher engagement and focused business results in the midst of significant change; the process of maximizing external executive coaches for accelerating senior leaders' ability to transition successfully into more complex, global roles, often requiring higher emotional intelligence to lead virtual teams across many cultures; and the lessons learned from executing a leadership development curriculum which includes peer-to-peer coaching to build a coaching culture.

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“Workforce Planning for the End: Learnings from Winding Down a Financial Giant”
Todd Schmidt, Leader, Workforce Planning & HR Analytics, GE Capital
GE Capital took an unprecedented strategic turn in 2015 announcing the restructuring of the business to sell off several hundred billion dollars in assets. Overnight the future of 35,000 employees became uncertain and HR stepped up to guide the process ensuring the best possible outcome for the business and its most important asset - its employees.

Due to proprietary content and/or company policy, this presentation will not be available online, but you may contact the speaker directly at todd.schmidt@ge.com for more information.

"Unlocking Performance with Purpose"
Arthur Woods, Co-founder, Imperative
As leaders we constantly seek the most effective ways to drive performance and strong culture for our organizations.  New research from Imperative has confirmed what we have always intuitively known - the people who will carry culture and drive performance for our organizations are the ones who come to work for more than a paycheck. These are purpose-oriented employees. Hiring them and ensuring they are aligned and fulfilled becomes a clear pathway to unlock organizational success. For the first time ever we have the ability to identify these people and to measure and manage purpose in the workplace to support their needs. This is unearthing powerful new strategies that are changing the way we design our systems and measure success.In this interactive session you will get an expert briefing on the latest research on the science of purpose, and its implications for leaders, with examples of companies like LinkedIn and West Elm that are already harnessing it.

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“Let’s Make Work Better: Evidence-Based Strategies for Improving Your Worklife”
Theresa Glomb, Toro Company-David M. Lilly Chair, Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota
Professor Theresa Glomb studies how work is good, how it is bad, and how to make it better. Her research has looked at mood and well-being at work in dozens of companies with thousands of workers. Theresa is trying to help others create positive experiences at work through growth, happiness, and satisfaction. Ultimately, she’s trying to make work great (or at least a little better). In this presentation based on her TEDxUMN talk, she shares with us small things we can do to improve our working lives.

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“Culture Drivers to Transform Your Workplace”
Lori Hall, Human Resources, Vice President, Kimley-Horn
Have you ever wondered why some companies' cultures allow them to thrive while others struggle?  Do you want to know how you can impact your firm's success by using elements of your culture that already exist?  This session will showcase the importance of articulating and "living" your culture to increase employee and client satisfaction. Participants will learn how to articulate your culture so that your employees know it and live it; how to use difficult circumstances to your benefit; and how to use your recognition and rewards system to reinforce the strength of your culture.

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"Putting the Business First: Human Capital Analytics as Organization Transformation"
Christopher Kujawa, VP Human Capital Capabilities, American Express

Due to proprietary content and/or company policy, this presentation will not be available online.

“The Agility Imperative: How Businesses Leverage Agile Talent to Win”
Vicki Swisher, Principal, Swisher Talent Solutions
The pressure on any company’s competitive advantage intensifies with each passing day. It’s those organizations that are nimble enough to exploit the opportunities within this volatility that come out ahead. Successful organizations today are flexible in the face of tough, uncertain conditions – the markers of agility. In today’s business lexicon, agility has become a battle cry for businesses who face significant growth headwinds. From an HR perspective, it’s clear that organizational talent today must become increasingly agile, resourceful in the face of change, and above all, able to learn from experience. People with this ability perform well in first-time challenges. These people are learning agile. As a result of participating in this thought-provoking, interactive session, you will be equipped to begin implementing a high-impact agility talent approach in your organization to help ensure your pipeline is filled with the talent ready to deliver growth for your organization in the challenging years ahead.

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2:45 - 4:00 p.m.
Closing and Keynote Speaker
Nathan M. Boaz, Senior Managing Director – Talent Strategy, Accenture

"Talent Practices for the 21st Century"
Nate Boaz will share his insights on the talent practices needed for the 21st Century and the trends shaping the future workforce. Human beings are at the heart of the digital revolution and unlocking their potential is essential for success in the digital age. Nate will share how Accenture is innovating talent practices to improve the way their 373,000 people not only work...but live.

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4:00 - 5:30 p.m. Reception - Sponsored by Ecolab