Center for International Business Education and Research

The University of Minnesota Center for International Business Education and Research is one of 33 centers whose shared mission is to increase economic competitiveness and capacity for international understanding throughout the United States. The CIBER network connects businesses with the international education, language training, and research capabilities universities across the country.

The University of Minnesota CIBER, established in 2010, serves as a regional resource for businesses, educators, researchers, and students. Our initiatives focus on environmental sustainability, emerging markets, and less commonly-taught languages.

Business Community

CIBER Business Community

To equip businesses with the knowledge and skills to compete globally, CIBER hosts educational programs about international markets, exporting, and working across cultures.


Business Languages

CIBER Business Languages

World language skills help international professionals foster increased understanding of business contexts and improve relationships with partners around the world. CIBER provides scholarships to support students studying languages and develops business-focused language and culture curriculum.

Faculty Development

CIBER Faculty Development

CIBER provides domestic and international professional development opportunities for educators.

"This program showed me how little and how much I know with regard to the culture and business practices in Scandinavia...We plan to incorporate what we learned into the new course curriculum for our new MBA program."

- Faculty participant in 2012 Professional Development in International Business in Scandinavia