Each year the Carlson Global Institute collaborates with over 25 faculty from every department to deliver robust educational experiences for Carlson School students.

During the 2013-14 academic year, we worked with the following faculty members on Global EMBA and education abroad programming.

Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship

  • David Bartlett
  • Holly Littlefield
  • Svjetlana Madzar
  • Ian Maitland
  • Alfie Marcus
  • Aks Zaheer


  • Tony Cui
  • Jay Lipe
  • Carlos Torelli
  • Seth Werner


  • Charlie Caliendo
  • Pervin Shroff

Work and Organizations

  • John Anderson
  • Sid Benraouane
  • Amy Falink
  • Stacy Doepner-Hove
  • Michelle Duffy

Information and Decision Sciences

  • Mani Subramani
  • Norm Chervany

Supply Chain and Operations

  • William Li
  • Enno Siemsen
  • Chris Nachtsheim


  • Steve Parente
  • Helen Moser
  • Tim Nantell


  • Robert Strand