Lab Guidelines and Procedures


  • A short security training is required for all lab users. Security software on lab computers can cause you to lose valuable data if you have not been trained. Please include the names of ALL people who will be using the lab in connection with your study on your lab reservation form and contact to schedule training. Please direct additional research assistants to arrange training.
  • Please email if you will not be using your scheduled time or by calling 612-624-4891. Please give as much advance notice as possible for cancellations of reservations so other requests can be granted.
  • All identifying subject data must be kept secured in the lab at all times. All data security rules of the University of Minnesota must be followed at all times. No private data should be left in the lab unless it is in locked storage in the lab.
  • You may connect to the wireless network for personal use with your own laptop. Please do not use the network jacks in the lab for your personal laptop even if you are using a laptop to store data for research. Lab computers are not for personal use.
  • Space is provided outside the lab door for posting signs. Signs identifying your study can be created and printed in the lab prior to your study and posted outside the lab before your study begins. No signs may be taped to the door or walls—this is a Carlson School policy so please insert printed signs into the holder under the lab sign.
  • The Behavioral Labs should not be left unattended with the door propped open for any reason. The Behavioral Labs should be locked at all times when unattended. Please do not leave subjects unattended.
  • Additional guidelines will be provided to all lab users.


Reserving the Lab

Please submit your Reservation Request Form as early as possible. The lab fills up quickly so requesting lab time for a future semester is recommended. Prior to IRB approval, please discuss your lab needs with the Lab Manager.

Lab Access

The labs have UCard access. When you receive lab training your lab clearance process will begin; please allow 48 hours for lab clearance processing.

Experiment Development

Behavioral lab space can be reserved for developing experiments.

Storage Facilities

Locked storage will be given on a per-study basis, based on availability. General storage is available for limited, generic lab supplies. Please remove all your stored supplies at the end of your study. Food must be stored in hard sealed containers, available from the Lab Manager.

Lab Maintenance

Please turn out all the lights when leaving the lab at the end of your reserved time. Food and/or beverages should always be kept away from the computers, and are allowed only if they are part of your study. Please indicate on your reservation form if food or beverage(s) will be involved in your study. Please discuss protection of electronic equipment with the lab manager. Report any special needs for lab cleaning maintenance or problems immediately following your experiments by email at