About the Labs


Lab hours

  • The Behavioral Labs are used by researchers who have reserved them in advance. The labs can be reserved for any available time slot.
  • The Lab Manager's hours are 8:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m., Monday–Friday. Access to the Carlson School building is restricted after 7:00 p.m. on weekdays and all day on weekends. Only those with UCard access may enter when the building is closed.

How to reserve the labs

  • Please read the Behavioral Labs Guidelines and Procedures before making a reservation.
  • To schedule a lab space, complete the reservation request form.
  • Please allow for set up and close out times in your reservation requests.
  • Once your reservation has been confirmed, please bring your UCard to the Lab Manager in Room 3-358 to request security clearance before you can access the labor or bring it to lab training.

Lab Information

Behavioral Lab I - Carlson Room 3-114

  • This lab has five private rooms, four with capacities for 1-6 participants, one conference room capacity 6, and a central computer station accommodating four individuals. this secure facility provides eight computers equipped with research software. 
  • Behavioral Lab I Layout (35.74 KB)
3-114AOne computer table, chair, computer, privacy door1
3-114BOne conference table, 6 chairs, privacy door6
3-114COne computer table, 2 chairs, computer, privacy door2
3-114DOne computer table, 2 chairs, computer, privacy door2
3-114EOne computer table, 2 chairs, computer, privacy door2
3-114 Central Computer Station4 workstations4

Behavioral Lab II - Carlson Room 4-264

  • This lab has two separate rooms for research, both equipped with video cameras and monitoring capability. the Group Research room seats 8-10 particpants. The Individual Research room seats six partipcants at private carrels with desktops. It has a separate observation room with a private entrance that offers multiple observation options.
Individual Research RoomSeats 6 participants at private carrels6
Group Research RoomOne conference table, 8–10 chairs, private door8-10

Behavioral Lab III - Carlson Room L-119

  • This lab has five desktops with internet access and limited research software. Space for up to five subjects, two in private carrels. This secure facility is easy to access in Carlson's lower level.
  • Behavioral Lab III Layout (35.66 KB).
Individual Research RoomSeats 5 participants, two private carrels5

Behavioral Lab IV - Carlson Room 1-148

  • This lab has six desktop computers equipped with internet access and limited research software; one wireless laptop for researcher. Space for up to six subjects, with dividers for privacy. This secure facility offers easy access on the ground level of the Carlson School.
  • Behavioral Lab IV Layout (31.04 KB)
Individual Research RoomSeats 6 participants, with dividers for privacy6

Technical Information


  • Windows 7 environment
  • Media Lab
  • Direct RT
  • SPSS and Amos
  • E-Prime
  • Microsoft Office 2007
  • Quickcam webcam in two locations
  • Qualtrics service available outside of labs


  • 8 Dell Optiplex 780 Desktop PCs in Lab I
  • 6 Dell Optiplex 780 Desktop PCs in Lab II
  • 5 Dell Optiplex 745 Desktop PCs in Lab III
  • 6 Dell Optiplex 7010 Desktop PCs in Lab IV
  • 1 Dell Latitude E6500 Laptop in Lab IV
  • Headphones available in all labs
  • Printers in Labs I & II
  • Microphone

Data Security

Lab computers are networked behind a secured firewall. For computer security and data privacy, Deep Freeze software is installed on every lab computer. Because this software deletes all the documents and data with every reboot, researchers must know the procedures to backup their data after they have completed their experiment, before logging off the computers and leaving the lab.

Training on the required steps to prevent the loss of valuable research data is required before researchers access the computers. Behavioral Lab staff is available daily for this training. Please contact the Lab Manager at to schedule your training session.


Limited storage is available in the labs. Locked storage may be requested on reservation form.