MILI-Medical Technology Evaluation and Market Research

Medical Industry Leadership Institute 6589

Leaders from UnitedHealth Group, Medtronic, and the Mayo Clinic participate in this hands-on experience in creating a value proposition for new medical technologies.


Innovations in medical technologies are one of the leading areas of economic growth in the world.  Whether new technologies take the form of pharmaceutical, medical device, biotechnology, information technology, or some combination of these innovations, the opportunities for both private enterprise and social welfare are substantial. However, these innovations are not without cost, and require reimbursement from either a privately or publicly financed health care delivery system to enter the marketplace. Thus, the strong demand for the evaluation of new medical technologies continues to grow, due to the confluence of an aging society seeking new therapeutic agents to enhance health and productivity and unyielding medical care price inflation.

This course aims to provide knowledge of the skills, data, and methodology required to critically evaluate new medical technologies in order to meet financial investment as well as regulatory compliance objectives, such as FDA approval.   

Learning Outcomes

By completion of this course, students will have acquired a broad perspective on the use of information systems for healthcare management decisions. Specifically, the course seeks to provide students with the skills to complete the following tasks:

  • To identify a population to be served by a medical technology.
  • To use existing health care data to evaluate a medical technology.
  • To inventory the costs of using a new medical technology and its alternative(s).
  • To complete a meta-analysis of an emerging medical technology.
  • To understand the design process of an evaluation.
  • To complete a cost/benefit and cost/effectiveness analysis of a new technology.
  • To describe the strategy for medical technology results dissemination and marketing.
  • To understand the reimbursement systems financing medical technology use.
  • To understand the role of government and regulatory agencies in the development and use of new medical technologies. 


The course is designed to provide the analytic tool kit for a manager of a new medical technology to formulate the evaluation necessary for this enterprise, as well as effectively disseminate results in order to get a new product to market.  


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