MILI-Healthcare Delivery Innovations

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October 26, 2015 to December 14, 2015 Monday 5:45 p.m. - 9:05 p.m.

Medical Industry Leadership Institute 6992

Understand the various sites of health care delivery that exist in order to analyze how the components along the care continuum, currently fit together and more importantly explore how they can be reconfigured and re-engineered to create value.


The healthcare industry, especially the delivery system, is undergoing immense changes due to internal shifts and external forces both economic and legislative. In order to improve both the delivery of care and the economics of this industry, there is a great need to learn from other industries and apply systems and processes that have been tried and tested in other sectors.

Leaders in the healthcare industry, many of whom will emerge from business schools, will need to understand the various components and stakeholders in this very complex industry and to make sense of the many moving parts in order to succeed and lead transformation. This understanding is necessary in order to analyze how the components along the care continuum fit together currently- and more importantly to explore how they can be reconfigured and re-engineered to create value for the population. Guest faculty will include well respected leaders from various settings within the healthcare delivery system. 

Specific class dates available March 2015.

Key Benefits


  • Understand the unique value propositions of the various sites and stakeholders of healthcare delivery from home to hospital and back to the community. Care settings that will be explored include: self-care via online web based applications; clinics- primary care, retail and specialty; hospitals- community, tertiary and specialty; post-acute institutional venues- inpatient rehab units (IRF), transitional care units (TCU), skilled nursing facilities (SNF); and, community based post-acute settings- home care, other community based services e.g. parish and block nurses.
  • Other stakeholder perspectives that will be utilized as lenses include- payers- commercial, Medicare and Medicaid; employers- large and small; and community organizations.
  • The goal of dissecting the various settings will be partly to understand the historical structure but more 



Leaders in the healthcare industry

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