Mergers & Acquisitions

Creating Shareholder Value

Explore the key components of an M&A transaction—environment, process, valuation, accounting, tax, and legal—by continually emphasizing a financial perspective that keeps shareholder value firmly in mind.


Firms operating in today's challenging business climate continue to see significant merger and acquisition activity, regardless of whether they are large multi-national corporations or smaller private and regional companies. Now, more than ever, senior managers who are responsible for evaluating M&A initiatives must be able to utilize the full range of analytical tools available to them.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify critical steps of the M&A process from identifying potential acquisitions through valuation and the completion of the deal
  • Provide a reliable, flexible framework for analyzing, valuing, and executing mergers and acquisitions that is consistent with the organization's objective of creating shareholder value
  • Understand the M&A process from both a buyer's and seller's perspective
  • Identify current trends, developments, legal implications, and valuation technologies associated with merger and acquisition activities
  • Develop practical tools and techniques that your organization can implement immediately


This program is designed for senior managers who, as part of their current or future duties, are responsible for the merger/acquisition and strategic alliance decisions and activities of the firm. CEOs, CFOs, COOs, division and business unit heads, and executives responsible for the areas of finance, strategy, law, and business development are encouraged to attend.


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