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Corporate Services

Make skill gaps a thing of the past. Our corporate services programs are tailored to enhance your employees’ business savvy and help you navigate mergers & acquisitions, develop high-potential leaders, and create a shared framework. Together, we can help your organization evolve.


Tap into Carlson Executive Education Expertise

Custom Programs

Foster your top talent in a dynamic, customized training experience. Past clients include: Polaris, CHS Inc. and General Mills

Tailored Courses

Tailor an existing program from the Carlson School course catalog. These courses may be adjusted to suit the specific needs of your organization. Past clients include: Crew2, Datacard, and Shape Corp.


Together We Can Help Your Organization Evolve


Growing Leaders with a Vision for 2020

Experts from across the University of Minnesota bring specialized expertise to support the continued growth of a leading global agribusiness.

Shape Corp.

Going Global with Joint-Venture Guidance

The challenges of entering foreign markets were no match for Shape Corp., once they implemented our skilled faculty’s strategies.

General Mills

Leadership Development on the Menu

To develop food scientists’ fundamental business skills, General Mills partnered with Executive Education to design a course led by innovation, technology, and quality experts from around the world.

We work with amazing talent from the Carlson School of Management to grow the business acumen of our emergent global leaders."

VP of Innovation, Technology and Quality Operations & Shared Services​
General Mills

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