Spend a few days in class now, reap the benefits for years.

Successful leaders understand that being effective requires commitment, discipline, and continually refining communication, leadership, and strategic planning skills. However, as leaders move up in their careers, time becomes an even more limited resource and finding efficient ways to learn and connect with world-class faculty and classmates becomes even more valuable.

Carlson School of Management has been delivering effective and efficient learning for business leaders for over 40 years. Carlson Executive Education courses are designed to compress weeks of learning into days and are hosted in our comfortable and convenient Executive Center. Business leaders from around the world have benefited from courses in leadership, communication, finance, and operations. Our faculty bring real-world experience to the classroom, giving today’s leaders the tools to transform their careers.

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Advance to the top of your game and gain the tools you need to reach the next level of your career. This three-part program will help you create a personal development plan, more effectively lead others, and refineyour behavior to perform at your peak.

Learn how to collaborate more effectively with coworkers and develop better relationships with clients, customers, and suppliers. Delve into MBA Essentials to learn to build and lead teams, get a better grasp on financial accounting, and develop business strategies.

Successful leaders and communicators must not only make the right decisions—they must also influence others to support and execute those decisions. Discover the tools to immediately build a power base, leverage your existing skills, and strategically move others in the right direction.

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