The Classroom

Carlson Ventures Enterprise associates start the Ventures program in the B Term of spring semester and continue through the following fall and spring—the entire second year of the MBA program. Students receive ten credit hours for their work in the Ventures Enterprise, with a grade issued after each term.

Most associates spend about twelve hours per week on their enterprise work, with most of their time devoted to projects. The majority of the grade is based on project work, with additional consideration for collaboration skills, class participation, presentation skills and professionalism. .

The coursework is divided into three sections: Innovation, Opportunity Assessment, and Venture Topics:

  • In the Innovation module, we explore techniques for igniting creativity, working productively in groups, and facilitating ideation.
  • Opportunity Assessment focuses on understanding what critical questions to ask when analyzing a market opportunity, how to evaluate a new venture's prospects, and identifying challenges that could derail the venture.
  • Venture Topics vary from year to year, based on interest. Typically, we have sessions on venture capital and other financing, mergers & acquisitions, developing innovative cultures, and corporate venturing.

Each section of the curriculum is designed to draw connections to the real-world projects of CVE associates.