Carlson Ventures Enterprise (CVE) gives students the chance to explore the world of entrepreneurship with its uncertainties, risks and opportunities. Our projects are mission-critical to the sponsors who support us, providing opportunity for leadership development in the real-world application of classroom lessons.

Professional Development

Students work with leading companies as they develop new concepts and businesses under the corporate umbrella. We also investigate new technologies developed at the University to see if they can become commercially viable. Students learn what ventures are worth pursuing and how to increase the chances for success.

To complement project work, our Ventures Enterprise classes illuminate the world of venture capital, explore innovation, and give students tools for analyzing business plans and pitching ideas. We bring leading entrepreneurs, investors and business development professionals into the classroom, giving students the opportunity to expand their network and learn what makes a venture successful.

After graduation, the Ventures Enterprise experience allows our students to stand out in the market place.

Student Testimonial

"Through CVE, I was given the time and resources I needed to launch a successful business within one month of graduation. I crafted a solid business plan, secured funding, understood the market, and planned for growth with more sophistication than I imagined possible. I am forever grateful for the breadth of knowledge I gained from the class."

—Ann Cadwallader, MBA '06, Founder, Sage Approach