Experience Entrepreneurship

The Carlson Ventures Enterprise (CVE) gives students the opportunity to navigate the world of entrepreneurship and its unique challenges.  Students learn to understand its uncertainties, risks and opportunities. Our projects provide our students an opportunity to apply new creative problem solving skills to create real value for our clients.

Professional Development

CVE associates work with leading companies as they develop new concepts and businesses in real life circumstances. To complement project work, our curriculum includes:

  • Providing students tools for analyzing business plans, creating recommendations and presenting the results
  • Exploring the tools and frameworks used in entrepreneurship, innovation and creative problem solving
  • Discussing the world of venture capital and risk investing
  • Bringing leading entrepreneurs, investors, and business development professionals into the classroom
  • Giving students the opportunity to expand their network and learn from practitioners what makes a new venture successful.

Student Testimonial

"The CVE gave me the skills I needed to learn how to successfully work for a client.  I was given the frameworks, tools, and skills needed to successfully create valuable outputs for three separate start-ups.  Because of this class I have been able to thrive in two additonal start-ups and was given the knowledge needed to help me start my own company.

—Nate Shrader, BSB '15, Founder, USwap LLC

Student Testimonial

"Through CVE, I was given the time and resources I needed to launch a successful business within one month of graduation. I crafted a solid business plan, secured funding, understood the market, and planned for growth with more sophistication than I imagined possible. I am forever grateful for the breadth of knowledge I gained from the class."

—Ann Cadwallader, MBA '06, Founder, Sage Approach