Carlson Ventures Enterprise (CVE) focuses on three core areas central to any new venture: innovation, opportunity, and capital. Our professional staff shares their experiences in business development and venture capital through lectures and guided discussions, and we supplement internal knowledge with an impressive roster of guest speakers drawn from every corner of the venture eco-system. Our goal is to enhance critical and creative thinking by providing analytical tools and hands-on mentoring.

Opportunity and Assessment

Is it real? Can we win? Will it be worth it?*

These three questions offer a framework in which to analyze the markets, business models, and management needs of a new venture. By applying the Real-Win-Worth methodology, CVE associates sharpen their skills in:

  • Assessing the viability and financial potential of a venture
  • Valuing intellectual property
  • Identifying and sizing markets
  • Understanding market needs and customer behavior
  • Gauging the competition
  • Determining which management characteristics are critical for the early stage venture
  • Assessing the scalability of technology and business models
  • Building realistic financial projections
  • Determining capital needs
  • Discerning what type of investment capital is required
  • Communicating the mission, vision, and strategy of the venture

*Schrello & Associates