Application Process

Undergraduate students apply to be in the enterprise in October of their Junior year - this is because the Enterprise is a year-long program, allowing undergraduate students to finish the program in the spring of their senior year.

At the end of September/early October, students should start to see event announcements telling them when and where to go for the undergraduate Open House/Information Session. This information session will give an overview of our daily activities, time requirements, general coursework, and the application deadline.

In October, a posting will become available through The Edge. Applications should be submitted through this website in order to be considered for an interview. Documents to be submitted include:

  • A one-page cover letter/statement of interest that outlines:

    • Your interest in joining the CFE - describe your interest in the CFE and what goals/objectives you have for your experience in the program
    • If you have a preference to be in a particular fund or if you are willing to be in either fund
    • How the Carlson Funds Enterprise would contribute to your careers plans
    • Your ability to meet the time commitment for CFE - describe your level of commitment to the Enterprise as well as any concerns you have regarding your ability to meet the 15 hours/week commitment (For example, how many course credits do you generally take during the semester, do you work on or off campus, etc.)
  • Transcript that lists GPA, grades and courses - visit One Stop to view and download grades
  • Current Resume

Please check the CFE website periodically for the Job ID that the listing is posted under. This will help you find the application more quickly.

After the Application

After the deadline for applications has passed, the CFE Program Directors will go through the applications and choose individuals that they'd like to interview. After a decision is made, applicants will be notified at this time whether or not they have been chosen to be interviewed. Students who were chosen for an interview will then set up a time to come in and meet with the advisors.

After the Interview

After the interviews are conducted, candidates will be notified if they have been selected to join the Funds Enterprise. The invitations to be accepted into the program are usually sent out in early November so that students have an idea of how to schedule their preceding semester. Accepted undergraduates are invited to attend class B term of spring semester but are not required to and therefore would need to audit the class (and receive zero credit). Class officially starts fall semester of their senior year.

Although the number of applicants varies each year, the CFE typically accepts 10-15 undergraduate analysts each year.