Thank You

The Carlson Growth and Fixed Income Fund would not be possible without the investment and support by our 11 participants throughout the Twin Cities. We appreciate their involvement and will continue to keep close relationships with our financial partners in the community.

Participant Benefits

  • Provide students with a realistic view of the industry
  • Build a more educated group of finance professionals
  • Recruit from top students in the area
  • Help students network with other professionals in the field
  • Realized positive ROI
  • Meet the students during our fall road show

Fund Performance History

The detailed historical performance of the Carlson Growth and Fixed Income Fund are not displayed to the general public. Please feel free to speak with either Professional Directors regarding the performance of the Fund portfolios.

Carlson Growth Fund Performance

  Year-to-date Since inception
Carlson Growth Fund 1.21% 293.99%
Russell 2000 Growth Index 4.75% 155.09%

Portfolio Value: $17.9 m

February was a great month for the Carlson Growth Fund with a monthly return of 8.60%. To put this in perspective, since January 2010, February would rank as the 3rd best performing month.

Contributing the the month's strong performance was Roadrunner Transportation Systems, Gentherm and Digitalglobe with returns of 26.33%, 26.29% and 23.65% respectively. Alternatively we had just four positions with negative returns for the month, with Adept Technology being the only position down more than 5%.

Data as of February 28, 2015

Carlson Fixed Income Fund Performance

  Year-to-date Since inception
Fixed Income Fund (Gross) 1.04% 4.10%
Barclays Int. Gov/Credit Index 0.95% 4.06%

Portfolio Value: $18.9 m

During the month of February, our portfolio outperformed the benchmark by 5 bps.  This outperformance was driven by our overweight market value in corporates, where spreads tightened in the month of February, and a steepening yield curve as interest rates increased.  Over the last year, the CFIF has outperformed the benchmark by 49 bps. 

In preparation for our investment recommendations in April, our analysts are focusing on developing industry recommendations as a framework to pitch new credits for the fund in the spring.  Some of our analysts also spent time last month discussing our fund with investors during our annual roadshow.  Finally, our class finished analyzing the credits in our portfolio, and are now considering potential trades with our current holdings and approved names.

Data as of February 28, 2015

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