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The Carlson Growth and Fixed Income Fund would not be possible without the investment and support by our 11 participants throughout the Twin Cities. We appreciate their involvement and will continue to keep close relationships with our financial partners in the community.

Participant Benefits

  • Provide students with a realistic view of the industry
  • Build a more educated group of finance professionals
  • Recruit from top students in the area
  • Help students network with other professionals in the field
  • Realized positive ROI
  • Meet the students during our fall road show

Fund Performance History

The detailed historical performance of the Carlson Growth and Fixed Income Fund are not displayed to the general public. Please feel free to speak with either Professional Directors regarding the performance of the Fund portfolios.

Carlson Growth Fund Performance

  Year-to-date Since inception
Carlson Growth Fund -9.33% 312.59%
Russell 2000 Growth Index 1.38% 133.79%

Portfolio Value: $18.7 m

Outside of geo-political events, volatility for August was calm compared to July. Following Jackson Hole, where there was no new talk about rate hikes, the markets continued to climb higher. Consumer sentiment also continued to climb going into September. With some of these doubts out of the way, markets for August had a strong month.

For the month of August the Carlson Growth Fund was up 2.86%. While positive for the month there were some major detractors that we as a class are in the process of re-evaluating our thesis and our position in these stocks. On the positive side after strong auto data our larger holding Gentherm (THRM) was up 16.73% for the month.

Data as of August 31, 2014

Carlson Fixed Income Fund Performance

  Year-to-date Since inception
Fixed Income Fund (Gross) 3.74% 4.15%
Barclays Int. Gov/Credit Index 3.39% 4.12%

Portfolio Value: $18.6 m

We are pleased to update you regarding the monthly progress of The Carlson Fixed Income Fund. During the month of August our portfolio outperformed the benchmark by 3 bps.  Overall, our portfolio has outperformed the benchmark by 30 bps since the beginning of the year. August outperformance can be attributed to our corporate holding where we outperformed the benchmark by 12 bps, which more than compensated for our underperformance in treasuries and government related securities.

Our class has recently returned from our summer internships to Carlson, and we are excited to start the new school year. We are thrilled to have long time CFIF mentor Susanna Gibbons join us as CFIF Program Director, and thankful for Jerry Caruso’s stewardship of CFIF since Jeannette Parr’s departure earlier this year. Susanna previously led RBC Global Asset Management’s Fixed Income Credit Research Team, and has extensive capital markets experience. We are looking forward to working with Susanna on the portfolio and our credits, and drawing on her wealth of knowledge in fixed income.

Data as of August 31, 2014

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