Thank You

The Carlson Growth and Fixed Income Fund would not be possible without the investment and support by our 11 participants throughout the Twin Cities. We appreciate their involvement and will continue to keep close relationships with our financial partners in the community.

Participant Benefits

  • Provide students with a realistic view of the industry
  • Build a more educated group of finance professionals
  • Recruit from top students in the area
  • Help students network with other professionals in the field
  • Realized positive ROI
  • Meet the students during our fall road show

Fund Performance History

The detailed historical performance of the Carlson Growth and Fixed Income Fund are not displayed to the general public. Please feel free to speak with either Professional Directors regarding the performance of the Fund portfolios.

Carlson Growth Fund Performance

  Year-to-date Since inception
Carlson Growth Fund -15.63% 283.92%
Russell 2000 Growth Index 1.90% 135.00%

Portfolio Value: $17.5 m

The Carlson Growth Fund saw small gains for the month of October, up nearly 1%. This month was one of great swings, including a positive weekly gain as much as 8.5%.With earnings season here, there seems to be greater punishment for earning misses,than rewards for earning beats. This continues to show the market trepidation on the most risky assets.

Some positive signs moving forward in the small-cap space is the continued strong US economic data. Jobless claims continue to creep lower and manufacturing showed strong signs. With this consistent strength and volatility calming from the previous month, we may see this risk-off investing begin to cool and the higher yield assets starting to outperform.

Data as of October 31, 2014

Carlson Fixed Income Fund Performance

  Year-to-date Since inception
Fixed Income Fund (Gross) 2.83% 4.08%
Barclays Int. Gov/Credit Index 2.59% 4.06%

Portfolio Value: $18.7 m

We are pleased to update you regarding the monthly progress of The Carlson Fixed Income Fund.   During the month of October our portfolio underperformed the benchmark by 9 bps.  This underperformance was driven by our under-duration position of corporate credits compared to the benchmark.  Since the beginning of the year, the CFIF has outperformed the benchmark by 24 bps. 

Over the last month, our class has been working on our investment management reports, and started practicing our presentations to the mentors this November.  We also spent class time strategizing our future market position with regards to industry and corporate holdings, and worked with a new third party source to attain accurate benchmark information for the portfolio for the coming months.  Finally, our class held an open house for incoming first year MBA students interested in the fund, and answered prospective students’ questions regarding fixed income.

Please note that we are still experiencing some problems receiving our benchmark data, and therefore some of the charts that normally appear within the client report are not available.  We are currently in the process of working with a third party source to correct this problem, and we plan to have more detailed benchmark data for the fund within the coming month.

Data as of October 31, 2014

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