Welcome Welcome to Carlson Funds Enterprise's first on-line communication of the CFE Newsletter!

The CFE Newsletter is a way for us to give you updates about the program, an overview of our outreach initiatives, and the development of our students, staff, faculty, alumni, and corporate and community partners around the country.

The Carlson Funds Enterprise gives MBA and undergraduate students an understanding of what it's like to work with investors, manage real money, and make pitch recommendations to investment committees. Celebrating over 14 years of educational initiatives in fund management, client relations, and outreach, the Carlson School is one of the first business schools in the United States to start a student-managed portfolio with external participants.

If you are not familiar with us, our mission is to leverage the Carlson School's faculty and financial community resources to create a real-time learning environment, immersing students in strategic and financial analyses of real companies. The CFE combines classroom concepts, hands-on experience, and industry mentoring to prepare students for real-world jobs. Much of this work takes place in Carlson's Financial Markets Lab which is equipped with the same on-line market data services used by investment professionals. For the financial industry, the program provides a pool of Carlson School graduates who can hit the ground running.

We want to thank our participants, advisory board members, and mentors for their support and look forward to your comments, suggestions, and participation.

Jerry Caruso
Jeannette Parr
Bonnie Till