Fall 2012


Welcome to the fall 2012 newsletter from the Carlson Funds Enterprise. The backdrop of the November elections helped shape investment management discussions this fall among the students. With the election behind us, the students are analyzing how potential changes in tax policy will affect our portfolio.

In November, 21 new MBA and 14 new undergraduate students were accepted into the CFE program. These students will start the program "officially" on March 25, 2013; however, we expect to see many of them engaged in our program when the spring semester begins in January!


Jerry Caruso
Jeannette Parr
Bonnie Till


Student Bio BookRecruitment Reminder

Recruiting season is here! Our Class of 2013 students are seeking full-time job opportunities in the Financial Services and Corporate Finance industry and our Class of 2014 students are actively seeking summer and/or part-time internships. Copies of our Student Bio Book can be easily viewed online. If you would like a copy of our resume book, please e-mail us.



'A Day in the Life' Resource for Students

A Day in the LifeStudents are actively exploring their career options and continue to look for resources to help them through their search. The CFE provides valuable resources to students about the different types of jobs available to them and new to our pool of resources is a series entitled "A Day in the Life." This series gives a quick and honest look at what our analysts would experience on a typical day should they choose to pursue a particular type of career (i.e. Investment Banker, Portfolio Manager, Corporate Financial Analyst, etc.).

If you would like to write an "A Day in the Life" summary page, please send it to Bonnie Till for inclusion in our book. View our A Day in the Life Series (271 KB) online.


CFA Exam Successes

CFA DinnerWe'd like to congratulate our students who successfully completed their CFA exams this summer: 

  • Zhufei Cao, CFIF ’13 - Passed Level II
  • Keelan Diehl, CFE ’14 - Passed Level III 
  • Clement Lau, CFE ’14 - Passed Level III
  • Masha Trush, CGF ’13 - Passed Level III

These students were among the 37 professionals honored during a dinner on November 8, 2012 to congratulate the new chartholders. Attendees enjoyed a keynote speech from Dr. Srilata "Sri" Zaheer. Dr. Zaheer shared her wisdom and experience about acceptable risk in financial services, while encouraging the honorees to always put the client first. Photo courtousy of CFA Minnesota.



Portfolio graphPlease view our Participants page to see the latest portfolio performance:

Growth Fund

Fixed Income Fund


CFE Social Event Success

MixerIn September, the Funds Enterprise held a successful student-professional social, co-hosted by the Carlson Finance Club. We had over 90 attendees representing over 20 firms, and it was really great to see so many of our board members, mentors, and alumni show their support for the program. The event provided students with a chance to speak with area professionals about their careers, development opportunities, and long-term goals. We are planning a similar event in the spring and hope to see you there. More information will be posted on our News and Events section once details are available.


Participant Roadshow

Participant Roadshow 2012In October and November, students spent their Friday mornings meeting with our institutional participants in the Twin Cities. This was the Fund Enterprise's second year conducting the Participant Roadshow. This experience gave students an opportunity to review the portfolio in person with key financial executives and exchange capital markets knowledge.

View all Pariticpant Roadshow Pictures (487.09 KB)

Expanding CFE Fellow Program

Piggy BankWe are increasing our efforts to expand our Fellow Program so that we can continue to attract the best and brightest students to the Carlson School. Our two CFE Fellowship recipients recently joined our program in the fall. These fellowships are funded through our CFE alumni and other financial executives. Both recipients were given early admission into the Funds Enterprise program this fall, along with a mentor and access to our classroom resources.



First Tuesday Lunch

On November 6, the Funds Enterprise hosted 2 tables at the Carlson School's 1st Tuesday Speaker Series, featuring U.S. Bancorp's Chairman, President, and CEO, Richard Davis. The CFE tables were filled with Funds Enterprise students, alumni, faculty, staff, board members, and US Bank's CFO, Andy Cecere.

Program Updates

Implementation of New Investment Guidelines

The CFE Advisory Board approved updated investment guidelines for the CGF at the May advisory board meeting. The goal of these guidelines is to provide more "real world" investment portfolio experiences, while preserving the culture and core of the CGF - investments in small capitalization stocks.

In addition, the CFE Advisory Board approved updated investment guidelines for the CFIF at the September advisory board meeting. The major change was a modification of the sector weightings in the portfolio, due to recent changes in the fixed income market. A special thank you goes out to all of the mentors who participated in the meetings that helped structure the new guidelines.

Advisory Board Changes - Farewell to Harlan Moret

Harlan MoretEffective January 1, 2013, Harlan Moret will be retiring as VP, Director of Corporate Services at Federated Insurance, and will be stepping down from the CFE board. Harlan was instrumental in forging a relationship between Federated and Carlson School and has been a very active and engaged board member.

We want to thank Harlan for donating his time and energy to our students and program.


Carlson Enterprises in the News! 

Carlson MagazineAn article in the Carlson Alumni Magazine features the Carlson Enterprise programs and how experiential learning continues to benefit our students and the Carlson School.


Alumni Spotlight

Jacquelyn Daudt, '09 BSB
Institutional Equity Trader, Piper Jaffray & Co.

Jacquelyn DaudtThe Carlson School has always excelled when it comes to giving students first-hand real-world experience. One of the ways I was able to benefit from this was having the opportunity to be a part of the CFE Fixed Income Fund. The exposure to investors and industry veterans was truly a unique learning experience, and the fun that was had with my fellow classmates has secured a top-spot in the college memory montage.

I know for a fact that I would not be where I am today had it not been for the CFE. The fundamental skills I learned in the CFE truly built my foundation in the industry, and the connections made have allowed said skills to be put to work. I do not think enough can be said about the value of utilizing the vast network of successful CFE alumni in the workforce. It is always a highlight of my day to receive an e-mail or call from a CFE alum or current student. Being a resource for others is one of the best ways to continue the Carlson way of connecting the classroom to the real world, and it is extremely rewarding to see that occurring more frequently over time.


Get Involved

Enterprise circleThe Carlson Funds Enterprise provides a variety of opportunities for organizations and individuals to engage with us. Opportunities include hosting site visits, sponsoring live case competitions, becoming a guest speaker, and lending financial support for student scholarships, research, and program development. If you are interested in learning more about ways to contribute to our program, e-mail Jerry Caruso.

Stay Connected!

If you would like to stay in the loop about CFE events and news, please e-mail Bonnie Till with your e-mail address so that we can add you to our distribution list.