2010 Corporate Finance Conference

Conference Participants

Hui Chen (MIT)

Discussant: Santiago Bazdresch (University of Minnesota)

Alex Edmans (Wharton)

Discussant: Raj Aggarwal (University of Minnesota)

Mike Fishman (Northwestern)

"Valuation and the Volatility of Investment" with Jonathan Parker
Discussant: Andy Winton (University of Minnesota)

Rick Green (Carnegie Mellon)

 with Vincent Glode and Richard Lowery
Discussant: Bruce Carlin (UCLA)

Michael Roberts (Wharton)

 with Mark Leary
Discussant: Tracy Wang (University of Minnesota)

Murray Frank (University of Minnesota)

"Credit Market Timing" with Pedram Nezafat
Discussant: Lubomir Litov (Washington University at St. Louis and University of Arizona)

Yuliy Sannikov (Princeton)

"A Macroeconomic Model with a Financial Sector"

Ilya Strebulaev (Stanford)

with Arthur Korteweg
Discussant: Dmitry Livdan (Berkeley)

Neng Wang (Columbia)

 with Patrick Bolton and Hui Chen
Discussant: Doriana Ruffino (University of Minnesota)

Raj Singh (University of Minnesota)

 with Robert Marquez
Discussant: David Rahman (University of Minnesota, Economics)