Business BoardWhat is Business Board?

Our primary goals are to:

Be the Voice - We are here to act as the voice of the student body, representing your interests in conversations with Carlson administration.

Inform the Students - Business Board strives to provide a forum in which important information about Carlson policy, student initiatives, and student-group activities can be conveyed.

Help with Student Needs - We're here for you! If you see anything that could be improved around this school, let us know--if we can't help, we'll figure out who can.


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Business Board Representatives

  • Shikha Raval Business Board
    Shika Raval


  • Raffy Maristela Business Board
    Raffy Maristela

    Vice President

  • Alvin Ma Business Board
    Alvin Ma

    VP of Communications

  • Tasha Erding Business Board
    Tasha Erding

    VP of Finanace

  • Sara Hagmann Business Board
    Sara Hagmann


  • Keon Garvin Business Board
    Keon Garvin


  • Ally Moeller Business Board
    Ally Moeller

    Senior Class Representative

  • Katie Ellingworth Business Board
    Katie Ellingworth

    Senior Class Representative

  • Shelby Banks Business Board
    Shelby Banks

    Junior Class Representative

  • Min Joo Kim Business Board
    Min Joo Kim

    Junior Class Representative

  • Blake LaBathe Business Board
    Blake LaBathe

    Sophomore Class Representative

  • Katherine Swenson Business Board
    Katherine Swenson

    Freshman Class Representative