The Carlson School of Management provides an excellent educational experience for a great value. Carlson School students enjoy strong student support services, a career center and education abroad office dedicated to business students, professional academic advisers, and on-site IT support. In 2008, we opened a new state-of-the art facility, Hanson Hall.

For information on financial aid, scholarships, and reciprocity, visit Cost, Aid, and Scholarships.


Your tuition amount is based on individual factors such as residency and enrollment levels. Degree-seeking undergraduate students at the University of Minnesota are subject to a flat-rate tuition charge based on 13-credits. For more information about tuition rates, please visit One Stop.

Tuition Surcharge

Approved by the Board of Regents in 2012, the Carlson School tuition surcharge supports the exceptional education and student services offered specifically to Carlson School undergraduate students. Funds raised by the surcharge are invested directly into the Carlson School Undergraduate Program to reduce the class size in core courses, and to invest in tenure track faculty to teach in the Undergraduate Program.

The surcharge is $1,000 per semester. For students taking 9 or more credits, the full surcharge amount is charged. For students taking 1-8 credits, a per credit surcharge amount is charged. Each credit is 10% of the surcharge.

Please note that U Promise students are required to be enrolled full-time (taking at least 13 credits per semester) at the University to continue to be eligible for the offset of the surcharge. The Carlson School Tuition Surcharge offset is based on the maintained U Promise eligibility. If a student is less than full time, they are not eligible for the U Promise scholarship and therefore not eligible for the tuition surcharge offset. For a list of frequently asked questions and eligibility requirements, please see the U Promise Scholarship website.

Collegiate Fees

Each college at the University has their own fee structure. The collegiate fee at the Carlson School of Management supports the following programs and student services:

  • Business Career Center coaching and programmatic services
  • Academic advising services
  • Local and national business development for internship and placement opportunities
  • Technology support services

The Carlson School of Management collegiate fee per semester is:

  • $580 - All Carlson School undergraduate students, 9 or more credits
  • $290 - All Carlson School undergraduate students, less than 9 credits