Finance and Risk Management Insurance

The Finance & Risk Management Insurance major applies theory to practice using principles of finance, law and mathematics in the transfer and reduction of risk for individuals, corporations and government.

Risk management is the practice of identifying the risks that affect a company's business, and finding ways to mitigate and offset those risks. Risk management tools and techniques help corporations deal with a wide variety of issues and legal concerns.

Major Curriculum


Course Credits Title & Additional Information
ACCT 5101 4 Intermediate Accounting I (prereq: B- or better in ACCT 2050 or passing ACCT 5101 pretest (68.65 KB))
FINA 4121 2 Financial Markets and Interest Rates (prereq: FINA 3001)
FINA 4221 2 Principles of Corporate Finance (prereq: FINA 3001)
FINA 4321 2 Portfolio Management and Performance Evaluation (prereq: FINA 3001)
FINA 4422 2 Financial Modeling (prereq: FINA 4221, ACCT 5101 or 5100)
FINA 4522 2 Options & Derivatives I (prereq: FINA 4121, 4321)
INS 4100 2 Corporate Risk Management
INS 4101 2 Employee Benefits
INS 4200 2 Insurance Theory and Practice


Course Credits Title & Additional Information
BLAW 3058 4 The Law of Contracts and Agency
HRIR 5654 2 Public Policies on Employee Benefits: Social Safety Nets
FINA 4122 2 Banking Institutions (prereq: FINA 4121)
FINA 4224 2 Real Options: Valuing Strategic Flexibility (prereq: FINA 4422, 4522)
FINA 4242W 4 Corporate Investment Decisions (prereq: FINA 4121, 4321, 4422, 4522 and ACCT 5101)
FINA 4325 2 Behavioral Finance (prereq: FINA 4321)
FINA 4329 2 Security Analysis (Senior Capstone) (prereq: FINA 4121, 4321, 4422, 4522 and ACCT 5101)
FINA 4529 2 Derivatives II (Senior Capstone) (prereq: FINA 4522, 4221)
FINA 4621 2 The Global Economy (prereq: FINA 3001)
FINA 4622 2 International Finance (prereq: FINA 4121, 4221)
FINA 4920 2 Topics in Finance
MATH 4065 3 Theory of Interest
MATH 5067 4 Actuarial Math I
FINA 4523 2 Derivatives I (No longer offered effective Fall 2013)

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Risk Management & Insurance Minor Curriculum


INS 4100, 4101, 4200, plus 6 additional credits chosen from the major required or elective coursework above


Finance & Risk Management Insurance

Individuals who enter the combined field of Finance & Risk Management often find themselves analyzing the risk of accidents, incidents, and catastrophes. They are also responsible for monitoring large scale issues and their impact on the economy. Once these risks have been identified, they look for ways to reduce the probability of occurrence. This career will regularly involve working with complex statistical and financial models to design and price insurance policies.

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