The Finance major develops student understanding of the principles and techniques of effective financial decision making. It provides students with the skills and knowledge required to assist businesses, government, or individuals in answering questions regarding improving the value of the company, evaluating projects, measuring financial risk, raising funds, making investments, and understanding capital markets.

This major requires students to have completed foundational course work in calculus, statistics, and the social sciences; and it assumes completion of courses in the core functional areas of business (marketing, accounting, management, etc.). The major is designed to provide a coherent, broad-based study leading to professional opportunities. The focus of this study involves exploring the impact of competition for capital in markets on decisions made within the firm. Students will build a strong foundation in financial principles through the six required courses and explore broader principles and their applications through additional elective courses.

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Major Curriculum


Course Credits Title & Additional Information
ACCT 5101 4 Intermediate Accounting I (prereq: B- or better in ACCT 2050 or passing ACCT 5101 pretest (68.65 KB))
FINA 4121 2 Financial Markets and Interest Rates (prereq: FINA 3001)
FINA 4221 2 Principles of Corporate Finance (prereq: FINA 3001)
FINA 4321 2 Portfolio Management and Performance Evaluation (prereq: FINA 3001)
FINA 4422 2 Financial Modeling (prereq: FINA 4221, ACCT 5101 or 5100)
FINA 4522 2 Options & Derivatives I (prereq: FINA 4221, 4321)


Course Credits Title & Additional Information
FINA 4122 2 Banking Institutions (prereq: FINA 4121)
FINA 4242W 4 Corporate Investment Decisions (prereq : FINA 4121, 4321, 4422, 4522, and ACCT 5101)
FINA 4325 2 Behavioral Finance (prereq: FINA 4321)
FINA 4329 2 Security Analysis (Senior Capstone) (prereq: FINA 4121, 4321, 4422, 4522 and ACCT 5101)
FINA 4529 2 Derivatives II (Senior Capstone) (prereq: FINA 4522 or 4523)
FINA 4621 2 The Global Economy (prereq : FINA 3001)
FINA 4622 2 International Finance (prereq: FINA 4121, 4221)
FINA 4920 2 Topics in Finance
ACCT 5160 2 Financial Statement Analysis (prereq: ACCT 5101 or 5100)

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Minor Curriculum


CourseCreditsTitle & Additional Information
FINA 41212Financial Markets and Interest Rates
FINA 42112Principles of Corporate Finance
FINA 43212Portfolio Management and Performance Evaluation

Plus six additional credits of 4XXX level Finance electives.
(note: ACCT 5101 and ACCT 5160 are not approved electives in the minor)


A career in a finance-based field requires a good understanding of economic theory and the stock market. Financial analysts will frequently work with complex computer programs to project financial data into the future and analyze trends. Making substantial investment decisions is a key characteristic of a financial-related position and career. Most people in a finance career will eventually specialize in a distinct area, such as, investment analysis, mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance, or real estate. Others will lean towards careers that involve advising clients on financial matters.

Sample Careers for Finance Majors:

  • Financial analyst
  • Financial consultant
  • Commercial banker
  • Corporate finance
  • Financial planners

Companies that Hire Finance Majors:

  • US Bank
  • General Mills
  • Ameriprise
  • Wells Fargo
  • Piper Jaffray