Immersion Core

The Immersion Core (I-Core) is a curricular requirement for all Carlson School undergraduate students. The I-Core is a 12 credit academic experience of 4 three credit courses (MKTG 3001, FINA 3001, SCO 3001, MGMT 3004) cohorted into one academic semester. Taken in a block schedule with the same group of students for the entire semester, students in the Carlson School will take the I-Core during their sophomore year, providing an opportunity for immersion into foundation business courses early in their undergraduate career.

Junior transfer students are expected to register for the immersion core during their first semester at the Carlson School. 

Students will enroll in one section of BA 999, consisting of 12 credits/4 courses. The immersion core is meant to be completed as a cohort -- there is no option to mix and match the sections. Students should work in a fifth course of their choice to round out their registration for the semester.

Fall 2016 Immersion Core Sections

Fall 2016 Immersion Core

*NEW in Fall 2016: FINA 3001H, 11:15 – 12:30 p.m., Tuesday/Thursday - May be combined with any of the four I-Core sections. Please speak to your adviser for details and information on how to register.

Spring 2017 Immersion Core Sections

Spring 2017 I-Core