2013 Newsletter


Holiday Greetings to all of our esteemed alumni! Check out our official holiday greeting!

As native Minnesotan Bob Dylan sang "...the times they are a changing...", but that is life as usual at the Carlson School's PhD Program. Our biggest change this year is the addition of a seventh area of concentration to the PhD in Business Administration. The removal of the separate PhD-HRIR program was approved by the UM regents this fall. As a result, we welcome the Work and Organizations (WOrg) department into the program. We are now going through the transition phase for the students in the PhD-HRIR program, as we have begun to provide service to them from our office. We look forward to working with our "new" students and faculty!

In addition, we continue to work in other ways to improve our program. Over the past year, we participated as one of eight pilot programs in the University-sponsored Graduate Review and Improvement Process (GRIP), a "student-centered and action-oriented process for programmatic self-review and improvement." Under this process, we worked closely with a University GRIP consultant who specializes in developmental evaluation, to review our program goals, develop measures to assess how we are doing in key areas, and then evaluate the results from a program-specific survey we developed that was then sent to all of our business administration PhD students. With a response rate of 63%, the survey results indicated that we are doing a good job with only minor tweaks suggested. Overall it was a valuable experience for us. We plan to continue this assessment process every 2-3 years as a tool for identifying issues before they become real problems.

I am happy to note that one thing has not changed. I continue to work for and support the PhD program and its students as the Program Director and Director of Graduate Studies, while Earlene is now Associate Director of the PhD Program and Liz Reel serves as our Executive Office and Student Services Specialist (both received well-deserved promotions this year). It is our pleasure to serve the program, its students, and the faculty in all capacities--through recruiting, admissions, funding, mentoring/counseling, graduating, and whatever comes up.


Shawn Curley, Director

Earlene Bronson, Associate Director

Liz Reel, Program Assistant

Alumni News

Our alumni continue to excel in their academic careers. We present below some of the great news we've received. We encourage all of our alumni to continue keeping us informed. We love to hear from you. Congratulations to all the following!

Jingjing Zhang, 2012 PhD graduate from our IDSc department, currently at Indiana University, is the winner of the 2013 INFORMS Information Systems Society's Nunamaker-Chen Dissertation Award.

Allen Chen, 2002 PhD graduate from Marketing, has been awarded the John B. Pearson Professorship in Business Administration at Texas A&M University.

Kangyong Sun, 2011 PhD graduate from Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship, along with Professor Andy Van de Ven, received the 2012 AMP Best Paper Award for their article "Breakdowns in Implementing Models of Organization Change," published in the Academy of Management Perspectives.

David Deephouse, also an SME alum from 1994, was appointed the Associate Dean of Doctoral Programs at the Alberta School of Business, University of Alberta.

Dr. Amy Hietapelto, 1997 SME alum, is now the dean of the Labovitz School of Business and Economics at the University of Minnesota Duluth. Prior to that she had been dean of the College of Business and Management at Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago.

Zhen Zhang, 2008 HRIR graduate, now at Arizona State University, received the following awards:
(1) ASU Faculty Achievement Award for Young Investigators; (2) Early Career Award from the Academy of Management Research Methods Division; and (3) 2013 Wiley Award for Excellence in Survey Research from the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP).

Aravind Chandrasekaran, 2009 Supply Chain and Operations graduate and current faculty member at The Ohio State University, received the inaugural Carol J. Latta Memorial DSI Emerging Leadership Award for Outstanding Early Career Scholar at the 2013 Decision Sciences Institute Conference.

Alumni Highlight

Hui LiaoHui Liao, PhD in HRIR (2002) - Smith Dean's Professor in Leadership and Management, Robert H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland, College Park

We can't say enough good things about Hui Liao and all the things she has accomplished in such a short period of time as an academic, but we will do our best to tell you how special Hui is. Her list of accomplishments is long and impressive (see her website at, as are the accolades she received from the HRIR faculty with whom she worked! Her story follows...

Hui entered our PhD Program in HRIR in 1997 with a BA in international economics from Renmin University of China. Once in the program, she quickly made an impression. Professor Theresa Glomb found Hui to be "exceptionally bright and hardworking, a student who thought deeply about her discussions with faculty, followed up on those discussions, and then came back having run the analyses, read the relevant paper(s), or thought about new ways to approach the issues. She approached every research endeavor with curiosity, passion, and dedication." No wonder she has had such success in her academic career!

Upon completing her PhD at CSOM in 2002, Hui accepted placement at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign's Institute of Labor and Industrial Relations. In fall 2003 she moved to Rutgers School of Management and Labor Relations, where she was promoted to associate professor with tenure in 2007. Continuing her upward climb, she moved to the Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland in College Park. In 2010 she was named the research director of the Center for Excellence in Service at UMD, and then was promoted to full professor of Management and Organization in 2012. In December 2012 Hui received an endowed professorship - the Smith Dean's Professor in Leadership and Management. The list of her academic honors and awards is long, including: the 2012 Cummings Scholarly Achievement Award, OB Division, Academy of Management; 2010 Scholarly Achievement Award, HR Division, Academy of Management; 2009 Distinguished Early Career Contribution Award, Society for Industrial Organizational Psychology; 2009 Early Career Achievement Award, HR Division, Academy of Management; and 2006 Dorothy Harlow Distinguished Paper Award, Gender and Diversity in Organizations Division, Academy of Management. She has also been recognized for her teaching at the PhD, MBA/EMBA, and undergraduate levels. For a complete and long list of her publications and presentations, please do check out her CV. We're sure there are more honors to come for Professor Liao. Stay tuned!

On the Market

We have a smaller number of PhD students on the market this year but already have one student placed in a city that he is very happy to be. Marketing candidate, Ryan Rahinel, completed his interviews in October, and has accepted a position at The University of Cincinnati. We wish the rest of our job candidates much success as they begin the interview process!

On the Market beginning July 2013

Accounting: Xin Dai (adviser: Pervin Shroff)
Finance: None

Shweta Singh (advisor: Alok Gupta)
Miguel Velasco (advisor: Paul Johnson)
Loxley Wang (advisors: Shawn Curley and Yuqing Ren)

Marketing: Ryan Rahinel (advisor: Rohini Ahluwalia) accepted a position at the University of Cincinnati
SCO: None


Yongjun Choi (adviser: Connie Walberg)
KiYoung Lee (advisor: Michelle Duffy)

2012-2013 Graduates and Placements

2012-2013 Graduates and PlacementsThe job market was definitely better this past year with most of our students having multiple interviews and job offers. Our students were all very satisfied with their placements and happy to have graduated, as you can tell from this commencement photo.

Placements of PhD Students on the Job Market during 2012-13

Xiaoxia Peng

Xiaoxia Peng, Accounting, University of Utah

Tao Shen

Tao Shen, Finance, Tsinghua University, PRC

Nelson B. Amaral

Nelson Amaral, Marketing, American University, Washington, D.C.

Jannine D. Lasaleta

Jannine Lasaleta, Marketing, Grenoble University of Management, France

Paola Mallucci
Paola Mallucci, Marketing, University of Wisconsin- Madison

Joel Malen

Joel Malen, SME, Hitotsubashi University, Japan

Ramin Vandaie

Ramin Vandaie, SME, University of Buffalo (SUNY)

Jaume Villanueva

Jaume Villanueva, SME, ESADE, Barcelona, Spain

Christopher Swanton

Christopher Swanton, SCO, College of Charleston, SC

Yinghao Zhang

Yinghao Zhang, SCO, Salisbury University, Maryland

Erica Diehn

Erica Diehn, WOrg, University of St. Thomas

David Yoon

Jeehyun “David” Yoon, WOrg, Wichita State University

Current PhD Student Accomplishments: 2012-13

Our students continue to impress us with their accomplishments. Below we give a sampling of our PhD students' honors, awards, presentations and publications for the past year.

Selected Student Honors and Awards


  • Xin Dai - 2013-14 Graduate School Dissertation Fellowship (adviser: Pervin Shroff)


  • Sergiy Dubynskiy - 2013-14 Carlson School Dissertation Fellowship (adviser: Robert Goldstein)
  • Amanda Heitz - 2013-14 Carlson School Dissertation Fellowship (adviser: John Boyd)


  • Shweta Singh - 2013-14 Carlson School Dissertation Fellowship (adviser: Alok Gupta)


  • Nelson Amaral - 2013 Carlson School Outstanding Teaching Award
  • Yajin Wang - 2013 Carlson School Outstanding Teaching Award


  • George Ball - (1) 2013-14 Carlson School Dissertation Fellowship (adviser: Rachna Shah); (2) 2013 Carlson School Outstanding Teaching Award; and (3) recipient of the 2013-14 Roger and Marlene Schroeder Doctoral Research Grant
  • Suvrat Dhanorkar - 2013-14 Kristy Cua Doctoral Student Excellence Award
  • Pettis Kent - 2013 Roger and Marlene Schroeder First-Year PhD Student Paper Award
  • Ujjal Mukherjee - (1) 2013-14 Juran Fellowship; (2) SOBACO Research Grant for work on "predicting innovation failure using big data analytics," along with Professors K.K. Sinha and Snigdhansu Chatterjee, Statistics Dept.


  • Michael Cummings - (1) 2013-14 Carlson School Dissertation Fellowship (adviser: Paul Vaaler) and (2) 2013 Carlson School Outstanding Teaching Award
  • Florence Honore - 2013-14 Graduate School Dissertation Fellowship (advisers: Martin Ganco and Harry Sapienza)
  • Stephen Jones - 2013 Carlson School Outstanding Teaching Award


  • Patricia Dahm - 2013 Carlson School Outstanding Teaching Award
  • Yeonka Kim - 2013 Carlson School Outstanding Teaching Award
  • John-Gabriel Licht - 2013 Carlson School Outstanding Teaching Award
  • KiYoung Lee - (1) Small grant award from the Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP); (2) finalist in the 2013 INFORMS/Organization Science Dissertation Proposal Competition; and (3) awarded the Anne Tsui Dare to Care Doctoral Fellowship.
  • Si Ahn Mehng - finalist for the 2013 Rosabeth Moss Kanter Award for Excellence in Work-Family Research, for her co-authored (with Colleen Manchester) Academy of Management Journal article "Flexible Work Practices: A Source of Career Premiums or Penalties?"
  • Qianyun Xie - 2013 Carlson School Outstanding Teaching Award

Selected Student Presentations and Publications

Information & Decision Sciences:

Shweta Singh

  • presented at the Statistical Challenges in eCommerce Research Conference, June 2012, Montreal, Canada, "Analyzing IT Multi-sourcing: The Coordination Challenge," with R. Bapna, A. Gupta, and G. Ray
  • presented at the Big 10 Symposium, May 2013, "Specialization, Integration, and Multi-sourcing: A study of Large IT Outsourcing Projects," with R. Bapna, A. Gupta, and G. Ray

Miguel Velasco

  • presented at the 34th International Conference on Information Technology Interfaces (ITI), June 2012, Dubrovnik, Croatia, "Increasing Actionability of In-House Prediction Markets," with N. Jukic. (Also published in the proceedings of the conference 85-90)

Mihir S. Wagle

  • presented at the Workshop on Information Systems Economics, December 2013, "Impact of Knowledge Repository on Technical Support Tasks," with G. Ray, V. Sambamurthy, and M. Subramani
  • presented at the Winter Conference on Business Intelligence, May 2013, "Corporate Engagement on Facebook," with G. Adomavicius, G. Ray, and S. Schanke

Probal Mojumder

  • with A. Mehra and A. Seidman, "Product Life Cycle Management of Packaged Software," Production and Operations Management, doi: 10.1111/poms.12069, April 2013


Nelson Amaral

  • presented at the Association for Consumer Research Conference, October 2012, Vancouver, BC, Canada, "Brand Dilution: The Impact of the User of Counterfeits on Genuine Brand Perception and the Moderating Role of Social Class," with B. Loken
  • presented at the Society for Consumer Psychology Conference in San Antonio Texas, February 2013, "The Benefits, and Drawbacks, of Strategic Distraction: The Role of Construal Level," and "The Effect of Construal Level on Consumers' Anticipated and Actual Ethical Behavior"

Xiaolin Li

  • presented at Marketing Science INFORMS, June 2012, "Interim Feedback and Reference Dependency in Dynamic Tournaments," with T. Cui and O. Narasimhan.
  • presented at Dallas INFORMS, February 2013, "Is Cash King? A Field Experiment on Mental Accounting in a Sales-force," with G. John, O. Narasimhan, and M. Viswanathan

Chiraag Mittal

  • presented at the Society for Personality and Social Psychology Conference, January 2012, "The Influence of Resource Scarcity on Perceptions of Personal Control: The Role of Childhood Environments"

Ryan Rahinel

  • presented at the Society for Judgment and Decision Making Annual Conference, November 2012, "Brands as Product Coordinators: Matching Brands make Joint Consumption Experiences More Enjoyable," with J. Redden
  • presented at the Association for Consumer Research North American Conference, October 2012, "Controlled by the Experience: Thinking Systems and Environmental Cues in Decision Making," with R. Ahluwalia
  • with J. Redden. "Brands as Product Coordinators: Matching Brands Make Joint Consumption Experiences More Enjoyable," Journal of Consumer Research, 39(6), 1290-1299, 2013
  • (forthcoming) with J. Redden and K.D. Vohs. "Physical Order Produces Healthy Choices, Generosity, Conventionality, Whereas Disorder Produces Creativity." In Psychological Science

Jennifer Stoner

  • presented at the Society of Consumer Psychology Conference, February 2013, "Naming and Anthropomorphism," (poster) with B. Loken

Yajin Wang

  • With K.D. Vohs, F. Gino, and M.I. Norton. "Rituals Enhance Consumption", Psychological Science 24, no. 9 (Sept 2013): 1714-1721
  • Forthcoming with V. Griskevicius. "Conspicuous Consumption, Relationships, and Rivals: Women's Luxury Products as Signals to Other Women," Journal of Consumer Research (published online Aug 2013)
  • presented at the Association of Consumer Research, October 2012, Vancouver, BC, Canada, "Love It or Leave It? Diverging from Dissimilar Users Depends on Brand Attachment," with D. John
  • presented at the Society for Consumer Psychology, February 2013, "Back Off My Man! Women's Conspicuous Consumption as a Mate Guarding Strategy," with V. Griskevicius
  • presented at the Haring Symposium, Indiana University, March 2013, "Fendi Handbags Fend Off Romantic Rivals: Women's Conspicuous Consumption as a Signaling System," with V. Griskevicius

Supply Chain & Operations:

George Ball

  • presented at the Decision Sciences Institution, November 2012, "Behavioral Biases in Product Recall Decision"
  • presented at POMS, May 2013, "Automotive Product Recall Causes"

Rick A. Hardcopf

  • presented at the Decision Sciences Institution, November 2012, "Process Focus & Innovation," with A. Hill and W. Zhang
  • presented at POMS, May 2013, "Lean & Culture," with R. Shah
  • presented at POMS, May 2013, "Systems Dynamics," with K. Linderman et al

Ujjal K. Mukherjee

  • presented three papers at POMS, 2012, "An Empirical Analysis of Medical Device Recalls," "An Analytical Framework for Innovation Failure in Medical Device Industry," and "An Empirical Analysis of Innovation Failure Based on Technology Life Cycle"
  • presented at INFORMS, 2012, "Sequential Product Design"
  • presented at North Central Biomedical Association (NCBA), 2013, "Strategic Asset Management in Healthcare," and "Issues Related to Doctors' Learning and Adoption of Robotic Surgical Procedures"
  • presented at the Institute of Engineers in Medicine (IEM) Annual Conference, 2013, (Poster Presentation), "A Longitudinal Field Analysis of Doctors' Learning and Adoption of Robotic Surgical Device"

Quang Nguyen

  • presented at the INFORMS Annual Meeting, Phoenix, October 2012, "Capacity Management for Oilseed Processors"

Strategic Management & Entrepreneurship:

Yoonhee Choi

  • presented at the Academy of Management Annual Meetings, August 2012, Boston, MA, "Race to the Top: The Impact of an Innovation Award on Subsequent Organizational Innovation," with S. Jones, S. Hwang, & Van de Ven
  • with A. Van de Ven, "Stages of Innovation," In Eric H. Kessler et al. (Eds.), Encyclopedia of Management Theory, 2013. SAGE Publications, Inc.

Michael Cummings

  • presented at the Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Boston, MA, 2012, "Boardroom Roadblock: Former CEO Directors, Managerial Discretion, and the Role of Information," with R. Wang and J.P. Eggers
  • presented at International Association for Business and Society Annual Meeting, Portland, OR, 2013, "The influence of diaspora engagement policies on the investment impact of migrant remittances," with A. Galen and P. Vaaler
  • presented at Harvard Conference on Relevance and Rigor in Institutional Analysis, Cambridge, MA, 2013, "Migrant Diasporas and Institutional Analysis," with F. Taube and P. Vaaler
  • presented at International Association for Business and Society Annual Meeting, Portland, OR, 2013, "The diffusion of new corporate forms for a better world," with H. Rawhouser

Florence Honore

  • presented at the Strategic Management Society, October 2012, " Patented Knowledge within Incumbent Firms and Employee Entrepreneurship," (paper session and divisional roundtable) with M. Ganco and A. Gambardella
  • presented at Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference, June 2012, "Knowledge Creation and Appropriation within Incumbent Firms and Employee Entrepreneurship," (roundtable) with M. Ganco and A. Gambardella

Stephen Jones

  • with A.H. Van de Ven. "Interorganizational Networks," In E.H. Kessler (Ed.), Encyclopedia of Management Theory, Sage: Thousand Oaks, CA, 2013

Ribuga Kang

  • presented at the Academy of Management, 2012, "Investigating Alliance Network Changes in the Green-Tech Industry with Alliance Partner Distance"
  • presented at the American Sociological Association, 2012, "Investigating Alliance Network Changes in the Green-Tech Industry with Alliance Partner Distance"

Cameron Miller

  • with R. Chen, F. John, "The Impact of Rating Announcements On Credit Default Swap Spreads." In the Journal of Banking & Finance, 37, 2011-2030, 2013

Work and Organizations:

Si Ahn Mehng

  • with L.M. Leslie, C.F. Manchester, and TY Park, (2012) "Flexible Work Practices: A source of career premiums or penalties?" Academy of Management Journal, 55, 1407-1428. (Finalists for the Rosabeth Moss Kanter Award)
  • poster session at the Society for Industrial & Organizational Psychology, Houston, TX, April 2013, "Unpacking use of flexible work practices: The role of motives," with L.M. Leslie and C.F. Manchester

Tao Yang

  • with J.M. Abraham, T.M. Glomb, T. Yang, D.P. Bhave, and E.L. Kelly (August, 2012). "Unhealthy Balance?: The Consequences of Work and Family Demands and Resources on Employees' Health and Health Care Consumption." In K. S. Wilson & T. M. Glomb (Co-Chairs), New Perspectives on the Study of Work-Life Processes and Health. Symposium presented at the Academy of Management Meetings, Boston, MA
  • Poster session at the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology Conference, Houston, TX. (Apr 2013), "An IRT Test of the Core Self-Evaluations Scale," with J. Sun and T. Yang

Lingtao Yu

  • poster presentation at 2013 Academy of Management, "Psychological Mechanisms of Envy in the Workplace, " with M. Duffy and R Vogel

John-Gabriel Licht

  • presented at 2013 Academy of Management, "Unethical Behavior for Self or Collective Benefit: The Role of Self-Construal," with S. Leroy and K. Vohs
  • poster presentation at 2013 Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology conference, "Social Categorization Attenuates Group Engagement," with M. Duffy

Patricia Dahm

  • with LM Leslie and CF Manchester (2013). "Ironic Effects of Flexible Work Practices on Parents' Career Success," Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings.

Qianyun Xie

  • poster presentation at the 65th LERA (Labor and Employment Relations Association) Annual Meeting in St. Louis, June 2013, "The Effects of Unions on Innovation and Technology: Evidence from China," with W. Chi and X. Qian

Student Highlights

Because we are quite impressed with the performance and accomplishments of our fourth-year Supply Chain and Operations students, we are doing brief highlights of each. They are George Ball, Suvrat Dhanorkar, and Ujjal Mukherjee. Look for them on the job market next year!

George Ball (BS-Aerospace Engg, USNA, 1994; MBA, UMN, 2003).

George P. BallGeorge took an interesting career path before entering our PhD program. After he completed his bachelor's degree at the U.S. Naval Academy, he spent five years as an officer in the U.S. Navy. After that he held various management positions at Guidant Corporation and then AGA Medical Corporation. These experiences informed much of George's research which is focused on product recalls, lean implementation, new product development and operations strategy. Upon entering our program he definitely "hit the ground running" and has not slowed down since! He is the winner of numerous department and program awards, including: (1) the 2013-14 Carlson School Dissertation Fellowship (adviser: Rachna Shah); (2) 2013 Carlson School Outstanding Teaching Award; (3) 2013-14 Roger and Marlene Schroeder Doctoral Research Grant; (4) recipient of the 2012 Roger and Marlene Schroeder PhD student first-year paper award for "Manufacturing Involvement in New Product Development: The Impact of Low Inventory." In addition, at the Multidisciplinary PhD student research summit in July 2013, he won the best presentation award for "Inspections, Recalls, and Auditors: Process Quality Information in Medical Device Manufacturing." He also was awarded a dissertation fellowship this year for his research entitled "The Morphology of Product Recall". In addition, George has several working papers with multiple faculty mentors in SCO, as well as eight conference presentations, including his 2013 presentation - "Produce Recall Research Summary" - to the Director of Risk Management Operations at the Center for Device and Radiological Health (Food and Drug Administration, in White Oak, MD). We see a bright academic future for George.

Suvrat Dhanorkar (B.E.-Electronics, Pune University, 2006; PGDOM-Operations Mgmt, Symbiosis Inst. of Business Mgmt, 2008; MBA-Mgmt, University of Notre Dame, 2010).

Suvrat S. DhanorkarSuvrat's CV is already quite impressive for a 4th year student. He became involved in research early in his MBA program at Notre Dame and has not stopped! When he entered our program in 2010, he was heading off to make a presentation at the Decision Sciences Institute for his co-authored research (with one of our alum, Sarv Devaraj) entitled "Do as I Say, Not As I Do: A Contingency-Model for Environmental Communications-Environmental Performance Discrepancy." This paper won the best paper award in the area of environmental sciences at the conference. Continuing on with research in the area of sustainability, Suvrat has two papers currently under review at top area journals (Production and Operations Management Journal and Organization Science); three more currently being prepared for submission; two others in various stages of completion; six presentations at top area conferences (INFORMS-3, POMS-2, and DSI-1); has been an ad-hoc reviewer for two top area journals (JOM and M&SOM); and a reviewer for the DSI, POMS and Academy of Management conferences. He works hard, smart, and with an entrepreneurial spirit that allows him to find sources for the research data he needs. He's well on his way to a successful career in academia!

Ujjal Mukherjee (B.Tech-Mech. Engg, Jadavpur Univ, 1997; MBA, XLRI, 2002; MSc-Statistics, UMNTC, expected 2014).

Ujjal has been an exemplary student in the Supply Chain and Operations PhD program, and his efforts have not gone unnoticed! The Department awarded him the Kristi Cua Doctoral Student Excellence Award and Fellowship in 2012, and this year he received the 2013-14 Juran Fellowship, in addition to a research grant from CSOM's Social Media and Business Analytics Collaborative (SOBACO) for research he and Professors K.K. Sinha and Snigdhansu Chatterjee (Stats Dept) are working on related to predicting innovation failure using big data analytics. Ujjal has several other working papers with Professor Sinha as well as three (soon to be four) presentations at top area conferences, including INFORMS, POMS, and DSI. His research interests include product design and architectures, new technology development and adoption, and technology trends, convergence, sharing and networks. We're sure that Ujjal will attract attention once he hits the job market.

Fall 2013 Admissions

Area Applied Admitted Accepted
Accounting 39 2 2
Finance 69 4 3
IDS 30 4 2
Marketing 61 3 3
SCO 12 4 2
SME 63 4 3
WOrg 51 7 0
Total 325 28 15

Our application numbers were down somewhat from the prior year. With the inclusion of the WOrg applications, the total was 325. The new students who matriculated in fall 2013 had an average UGPA of 3.44, average graduate GPA of 3.74 and a 709 average GMAT. Twenty percent were female and 53% were international, including from China, India, Iran, and Korea. These 15 new students came to us with degrees from such schools as IIT-Kanpur, West Virginia University, Thunderbird School of Global Business, Tsinghua University, Brigham Young University, University of Illinois-U/C, Harvard University, Fudan and Seoul National University. Overall, we consider the entering class of fall 2013 to be very strong academically and look forward to their success in the program.

Faculty News

Our faculty are the foundation of our PhD program and a real area of strength for the Carlson School of Management. Just a few of the news items about our faculty members are given below.

Faculty Promotions:

  • Tracy Wang, Finance: Assistant to Associate Professor
  • Jianfeng Yu, Finance: Assistant to Associate Professor
  • Tony Cui, Marketing: Assistant to Associate Professor
  • Carlos Torelli, Marketing: Assistant to Associate Professor

Selected Faculty Honors and Awards (a very small sampling):

  • Accounting Assistant Professor Mozaffar Khan - appointed Topic Editor for the American Accounting Association midyear convention to take place January 2014.
  • Finance Assistant Professor Frederico Belo was appointed by the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) as a faculty research fellow in its Asset Pricing Program. The appointment is recognition of Belo's work on the intersection of macroeconomics and asset pricing.
  • Finance Professor Stephen Parente was unanimously elected to serve on the Academy Health Board of Directors' Committee on Advocacy and Public Policy (CAPP).
  • IDSc Professor Ravi Bapna was elected president of the INFORMS Information Systems Society (ISS) for the term 11/2013 through 10/2015.
  • Marketing Professor Akshay Rao was elected president of the policy board of the Journal of Consumer Research, the premier consumer behavior journal, for a one-year term starting January 1, 2013.
  • SCO Associate Professor Enno Siemsen is the new president of the INFORMS Behavioral Operations Section for a two-year term. Siemsen was also recently named the 2012 Best Associate Editor for the Journal of Operations Management.
  • SCO Professor William Li has been named a 2013 fellow of the American Statistical Association (ASA), the nation's preeminent professional statistical society.
  • SME Associate Professor Dan Forbes has been awarded a fellowship from the Batten Institute at the University of Virginia's Darden School of Business. Batten fellowships, which recognize professional achievement, aim to spur intellectual engagement and capital that advance knowledge about entrepreneurship and innovation.
  • SME Professor Andrew Van de Ven has been named founding editor of a new journal being launched by the Academy of Management, Academy of Management Discoveries (AMD). The mission of AMD is to promote the creation and dissemination of new empirical evidence that strengthens understanding of important new or poorly understood phenomena relevant to management and organizations. AMD will begin accepting manuscript submissions in the spring and is scheduled to debut in 2014.
  • WOrg Professor Theresa Glomb was honored as a new Fellow of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) at the organization's 28th annual conference April 2013 in Houston. Fellow status is an honor bestowed upon SIOP members who have shown evidence of unusual and outstanding contributions or performance in industrial-organizational psychology, through research, practice, teaching, administration and/or professional service.
  • WOrg Assistant Professor Colleen Manchester and PhD student Si Ahn Mehng were finalists for the 2013 Rosabeth Moss Kanter Award for Excellence in Work-Family Research, for their Academy of Management Journal article "Flexible Work Practices: A Source of Career Premiums or Penalties?"

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