Work and Organizations Dissertations and Papers

Recent Dissertation Titles

  • "The Invisible Eye? Perceptions, Use, and Outcomes of Electronic Performance Monitoring"
  • "A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Senior Leader Misbehavior Perceptions"
  • "Leadership style, Employee Job Performance, and Organizational Outcomes"
  • "Unemployment Insurance and Labor Turnover: Estimates from a Multiple-Spell Two-State Competing-Risk Hazard Model with Endogenous Unemployment Insurance Receipt"
  • "In the Eyes of the Follower: Cognitive and Affective Antecedents of Transformational Leadership Perception and Individual Outcomes"
  • "The Effects of Social and Technical Systems in Workplace Victims' Cognitive Appraisals and Coping Styles: A Multi-Organizational, Multilevel Study"
  • "The Relationship between Multiple Identity Attributes and Diversity, and Individual Decision Making and Group Performance: Experimental Evidence"
  • "An Academic and Industry Partnership: A Case Study of the Evolving Role of Continuing Education at the University of Minnesota"
  • "Stakeholder Decision Making Influence and Stakeholder Well-Being in Nursing Homes: The Case of Employees and Customers"
  • "Studies on Organizational Design, Value Congruence, and Ownership"
  • "Peer Influence on Undermining Behaviors in the Workplace: a Social Network Perspective"
  • "Labor Turmoil and Service Quality: Evidence from the U.S. Airline Industry 1987 - 2008"
  • "Employee Reactions to Merit Pay: Cognitive Approach and Social Approach"
  • "Utilizing Expertise in Work Teams: The Role of Transactive Memory Systems"
  • "The Mechanisms and Work Group Context in the Victimization of High Performers"
  • "Fair Pay Allocation Decisions: From a Regulatory Focus Theory View"
  • "Power and Altruistic Helping in Organizations: Roles of Psychological Distance, Workplace Design, and Self-Construal"