SME Dissertations and Papers

Recent Dissertation Titles

  • "Creating Value by Combining Two Weak Firms: The Role of Routine Disruption in Mergers and Acquisitions," Youngeun Chu (2012)
  • "Beyond Credibility: The Role of Stories in Entrepreneurial Resource Acquisition," Jaume Villanueva (2012)
  • "Coordinating Professional Work within Organizations," John Bechara (2012)
  • "Horse before the Cart: Does the Sequence in which Entrepreneurs Choose Resources Partners Matter?," Nachiket Bhawe (2012)
  • "Regulatory Modularity & innovation Diffusion in an Emerging Industry: Evidence from the Carbon Offsets," Hans Rawhouser (2012)
  • "Intergroup Conflict, Conflict Resolution Methods, and Individual Perception of POst-Merger Organizational Integration," Kangyong Sun (2011)
  • "The Strategic Value of Immigrant Social Capital: Effects on Foreign Location Choice & Firm Performance," Exequiel Hernadez (2011)
  • "Effects of Competition on Governance Structure & Project Performance: Evidence from the Clinical Trials in the Biotechnology Industry, " Mazhar Islam (2011)
  • "Internationalization of New Ventures," Rukiye Yavuz (2011)
  • "Opportunity Re-Evaluation: How Evolving Risk Perceptions Influence Funders' Support of Entrepreneurial Firms," Carla Pavone (2010)
  • "The Dynamic Relationship Between Firm Capabilities, Regulatory Policy, and Corporate Environmentalism," Adam Fremeth (2009)
  • "One Size Does Not Fit All: Toward an Understanding of Local Adaptation of Organizational Practices Across Borders," Jisun Yu (2008)
  • "When Do Firms Value the Whole Versus a Part? Acquisition of Multi-Location Targets," Miguel Ramos (2008)
  • "When do firms voluntarily disclose qualitative information about R&D projects?," Sharon James (2007)
  • "The Effect of Business Group Affiliation on Firm Market and Technology Strategy," Anna Lamin (2007)
  • "Choice of Payoff Horizon and Firm Performance: Strategic Investments by Cable TV Operators 1972-1996," David Souder (2007)
  • "Scientific Networks, Alliance Networks, and Innovation Output: The Effects of the Positions of the Firm in Multiple Networks," Remzi Gozubuyuk (2007)

Student Publications and Presentations

  • "The Effects of Risk Dimensions on Venture Capitalists; Follow-on Investment and Exit Decisions," Carla Pavone, Academy of Management Annual Conference
  • "The Benefits and Liabilities of Interfirm Ties: Commitment, Lock-in, and Firm Performance," Exequiel Hernandez with Aks Zaheer (now titled When Do Alliances Hurt Firm Performance?), Academy of Management Meeting
  • "Won't You Invest in My Country? Cross-national Migration and Foreign Direct Investment," Exequiel Hernandez
  • "A Behavioral View of Social Entrepreneurship and its Application to Internationalization," Hans Rawhouser, Academy of Management Conference
  • "Entrepreneurial Stories: Getting to the Gut Feel of Investors," Jaume Villanueva with Sapienza, H.J., Academy of Management Annual Meeting
  • "Beyond Credibility: The Role of Stories in Entrepreneurial Resource Acquisition," Jaume Villanueva, Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference
  • "Does Timing Matter? The Role of Rotation Order and Amount of Exposure on Career Selection Decisions," John Bechara, Minnesota Health Services Research Conference
  • "Vicious Cycles of Organizational Integration: The Case of Midwest Health System," Kangyong Sun, Academy of Management Annual Meeting
  • "Challenges in a Longitudinal Study of Healthcare Organization Integration," Kangyong Sun, Academy of Management Annual Meeting
  • "Heterogeneity in Local Entrepreneurship: The Effect of Knowledge Flows and Local Absorptive Capacity," Nachiket Bhawe, Academy of Management
  • "Entrepreneurship in a Converging Environment," Nachiket Bhawe, Digital Innovation Conference
  • "The Liability of Shrinking Opportunity Windows," Nachiket Bhawe, Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference
  • "Demography, Political Risk and International Business Environment," Mazhar Islam with Alfred Marcus and John Moloney, Academy of International Business
  • "The Impact of Exogenous Non-Economic Shocks on the Global Business Environment: A Cross-country Analysis of the Impact of September 11th on Muslim-Populated Countries," Mazhar Islam with Adam Fremeth and Alfred Marcus, International Society for New Institutional Economics Conference, Academy of International Business, Academy of Management
  • Academy of International Business, Business Policy and Strategy Division, West Coast Technology Entrepreneurship Conference, Mazhar Islam
  • Academy of Management, multiple students