Recent Dissertation Titles

  • "Entrepreneurial Teams' Human Capital: From Its Formation to Its Impact on the Performance of Technological New Ventures" Florence Honore (2015)
  • "Learning to Lead: A Quasi-experimental Test of the Interplay between Experience and Training" Stephen Jones (2015)
  • "Antecedents and Consequences of Alliance Partner Network Distance" Ribuga Kang (2015)
  • "Science as an Element of Innovation Strategy: Evidence from the Pharmaceutical Industry," Ramin Vandaie (2013)
  • "National Institutions & Firms R&D: How Stakeholder Rights Moderate Behavioral Drivers of Innovation Search," Joel Malen (2013)
  • "Creating Value by Combining Two Weak Firms: The Role of Routine Disruption in Mergers and Acquisitions," Youngeun Chu (2012)
  • "Beyond Credibility: The Role of Stories in Entrepreneurial Resource Acquisition," Jaume Villanueva (2012)
  • "How Alliance Termination Affects Alliance Re-Formation, Organizational Status, Reputation and Performance," Darcy Fudge Kamal (2012)
  • "Horse before the Cart: Does the Sequence in which Entrepreneurs Choose Resources Partners Matter?," Nachiket Bhawe (2012)
  • "Regulatory Modularity & innovation Diffusion in an Emerging Industry: Evidence from the Carbon Offsets," Hans Rawhouser (2012)
  • "Coordinating Professional Work within Organizations," John Bechara (2011)
  • "Intergroup Conflict, Conflict Resolution Methods, and Individual Perception of POst-Merger Organizational Integration," Kangyong Sun (2011)
  • "The Strategic Value of Immigrant Social Capital: Effects on Foreign Location Choice & Firm Performance," Exequiel Hernadez (2011)
  • "Effects of Competition on Governance Structure & Project Performance: Evidence from the Clinical Trials in the Biotechnology Industry, " Mazhar Islam (2011)
  • "Internationalization of New Ventures," Rukiye Yavuz (2011)

Student Publications and Presentations

  • "Are Firms Doing What They Should Be Doing? Evidence from FDI Location and Operating Mode Choices," 2014 Academy of Management Conference, Min Jung Kim with Moon, J.J., Chung, C.C., Kang, J.
  • "The Decision Processes of Vietnamese Micro-Entrepreneurs: An Inductive Study," 2015 Strategic Management Society Special Conference, Gui Deng Say
  • "Culling Black Sheep to Better the Flock? Institutional Activism, Firm Censorship and Peers' Corporate Social Responsibility Outcomes," 2015 Alliance for Research on Corporate Sustainability Conference, Gui Deng Say
  • "Shifting Focus Between Exploration and Exploitation Subsequent to CEO Turnover," 2014 Academy of Management Conference, Yoonhee Choi
  • "Entrepreneurship, Legitimacy and Online Social Communities: An Empirical Analysis," 2014 Academy of Management Conference, Sofia Bapna with Benner, M.
  • "Technology Strategy for Standard Setting: The Role of Firms' Technological Scope," 2014 Academy of Management Conference, Cameron Miller with Toh, P.K.
  • “Pitching altered visions of success: How entrepreneurs shift opportunities based on investor feedback,” AOM Entrepreneurship Division Exemplars Conference, Keystone CO, 2014, Keyman (Dennie) Kim with L. Balachandra, and H. Sapienza.
  • “How critical cues affect angels' investment preferences,” Babson College Entrepreneurship Researvh Conference, London, Ontario, 2014, Keyman (Dennie) Kim with L. Balachandra and H. Sapienza.
  • “Variability of subspecialty-specific anesthesia-controlled times at two academic institutions.” Journal of Medical Systems, 2/2014. Keyman (Dennie) Kim with B. S. Kodali, H. Flanagan, J. M. Ehrenfeld, and R. D. Urman
  • “Lawyers, Bar Associations, and Other Influencers in the Negotiated Landscape of Social-Business Hybridization,” Law and Society Association Annual Meeting 2014, Michael Cummings with Rawhouser, H.
  • "The Influence of Diaspora Engagement Policies on the Investment Impact of Migrant Remittances," Minnesota Interdisciplinary Center for the Study of Global Change, Michael Cummings.
  • “Different Organizational Responses to Institutional Complexity: A Study of U.S. Art Museums,” Annual Conference of Industry Studies Association 2014, Yoonhee Choi.
  • “Shifting Focus between Exploration and Exploitation Subsequent to CEO Turnover,” Strategic Management Society Annual Meeting 2014, Yoonhee Choi with M. Benner.