Marketing Dissertations and Papers

Recent Dissertation Titles

  • "Does Modality in which a Message is Communicated Matter? How Consumers Represent & Integrate Alternative Types of Sensory Data in Working Memory," Noelle Nelson (2012)
  • "Essays on the Economics of Vertical Ties," Madhu Viswanathan (2012)
  • "Essays on Sales Force Compensation and Matching Lodels in Marketing," Sunil Kishore (2011)
  • "Mirror Mirror on the Wall: Do Brands Really Change How We See Ourselves?," Ji Kyung Park (2011)
  • "Marketing Management in a World with Groups of Heterogeneous Individuals," Neil Bendle (2010)
  • "Word of Mouth Communication as Helping Behavior: A Cost-Benefit Analysis," Andrew Kaikati (2010)
  • "Essays on Applications of Multi-Tasking in Marketing Channels," Ranjan Banerjee (2010)
  • "The Influence of Previous Choice on Subsequent Choice," Jungkeun Kim (2008)
  • "A theoretical Approach to Understanding the Impact of Accented Speech on Marketers' Efforts to Inform, Persuade and Assist Consumers," Christine Bennett (2008)
  • "Essays on the Neural Basis of Consumer Choice," William Hedgcock (2008)
  • "Two Essays on the Marketing of Durable Goods," Raghunath Rao (2007)
  • "Why Consumers Rely on Affect in the Distant Future: Effects of Temporal Construal in Affective Situations," Hakkyun Kim (2007)

Student Publications and Presentations

  • "Quality versus quantity-the case for multiple channels," NASMEI conference, Chennai, India, Ranjan Banerjee with co-authors Shantanu Dutta and Kersi Antia
  • "Structural estimation of moral hazard models," UTD Forms conference, Ranjan Banerjee with co-authors George John and Om Narasimhan
  • "Contract design and hybrid channels," Haring Conference, Ranjan Banerjee
  • UTD-Frontiers of Research in Marketing Conference, Madhu Viswanathan
  • INFORMS Marketing Science Conference, Madhu Viswanathan
  • "The Big Picture: Exploring the Performance Impact of being at the Technological Frontier," Madhu Viswanathan with co-authors Mukherji Prokriti, Madhu Viswanathan, Om Narasimhan and Rajesh KChandy
  • Association for Consumer Research Conference, Ji Kyung Park
  • "Two-Way Street: The Influence of Communicators and Recipients in Word-of-Mouth Contexts," Andrew M. Kaikati
  • "Examining Individual and Situational Drivers of Prosocial Behaviors," Andrew M. Kaikati
  • "Incongruity between Status and Prosocial Brand Images: The Moderating Role of Consumers Chronic Motives on Dilution of Luxury Brands Positioned on Social Responsibility," Andrew M. Kaikati with co-author Carlos Torelli
  • "Reference Dependence when Tastes Differ, Marketing Science," Neil Bendle with co-author Mark Bergen
  • Winter AMA, Neil Bendle
  • "Paying the Price to Maintain Cooperation," Neil Bendle with co-authors George John, Ji Kyung Park
  • "The Cinderella Effect: Can Using Brands Really Change Who We Are?" Society for Consumer Psychology, Ji Kyung Park with co-author Deborah Roedder John
  • "More than Meets the Eye: The Influence of Implicit versus Explicit Self-Esteem on Materialism," Association for Consumer Research Conference, Ji Kyung Park with co-author Deborah Roedder John