Recent Dissertation Titles

  • "Measuring the Impact of Crowd-sourcing" Zhoujun Gu (2015)
  • "Exploring the Interdependence of Codified and Personalized Knowledge Use on Knowledge Management System Success" Benjamin Mitchell (2015)
  • "IT Outsourcing: Choice, Uncertainty and Information Asymmetry," Shweta Singh (2014)
  • "Understanding and Improving the Performance of Decision Strategies in Dynamic Environments," Georg Meyer (2012)
  • "Understanding Consistency of Recommender Systems: Algorithmic & Behavior Perspectives," Jingjing Zhang (2012)
  • "The Influence of the Demand for Integration on the Structure of IT in Multi-Business Unit Firms," Eric Larson (2012)
  • "Computational Techniques for More Accurate & Diverse Recommendations," Young Ok Kwon (2011)
  • "Success & failure in Dynamic Decision Environments: Understanding Treatment Strategies for Patients with a Chronic Disease," Gregory Ramsey (2010)
  • "Design Implications of Real-Time Feedback in Continuous Combinatorial Auctions," Pallab Sanyal (2009)
  • "Risk Management in IT Services Contract Design," Ryan Sougstad (2009)

Student Publications and Presentations

  • "o Gaming - The Logic of Curruption," 5th World Business Ethics Forum 2014, Miguel Velasco with Johnson, P.
  • "Liferay: A Portal and Content Management Platform," 2014 Havard Business Publishing, Swanand Deodhar with Saxena, K.B.C., and Gupta, R.K.
  • "Multiple Case Study: From Research Problem to Research Design in a Doctoral Setting - A Student's Experiential Musings," 2015 Qualitative Research in Management: Methods and Experiences (pp. 156-168), New Delhi, India: Sage Publications, Swanand Deodhar with Gupta, R.K. and Awasthy, R.
  • "Mobile as a Channel: Evidence from Online Dating," 2014 International Conference on Information Systems, JaeHwuen Jung with Umyarov, A., Bapna, R., and Ramaprasad, J.
  • "Understanding Word-of-Mouth and Customer Engagement on Facebook Business Pages," 2014 Conference of Information System and Technology, Mochen Yang with Ren, C. and Adomavicius, G.
  • "The Role of Social Networks in Online Reviewing," 2014 PACIS Proceedings, Zhihong Ke with Liu, D.
  • "The Ebb and Flow of Online Word of Mouth," SCECR 2015, Zhihong Ke with Gupta, A. and Liu, D.
  • "The Role of Social Influence in Online Reviewing," 2014 INFORMS Annual Meeting, Zhihong Ke with Liu, D.
  • "“Viral Incentive Scheme Design Based on Predicting Altruistic Preference,” WCBI (Winter Conference on Business Intelligence) 2014, Zhoujun Gu
  • “Love Unshackled: The Casual Effect of Mobile App Adoption in Online Dating”, WISE 2013, JaeHwuen Jung
  • “Document Repository Use Over Time: The Influence of Document Content Type on Knowledge Management System Success in High-Procedural Context Knowledge Work,"  BYU Information Systems Research Symposium; Provo, UT, 2013, Benjamin Mitchell
  • “Product Life Cycle Management of Packaged Software,” Production and Operations Management, Vol. 23, No. 3, pp. 366-378, March 2014. Probal Mojumder