Finance Dissertations and Papers

Recent Dissertation Titles

  • "Essays on Stock Anomalies and Equity Fund Performance," Huijun Wang (2013
  • "Essays in Corporate Finance," Tao Shen (2013)
  • "Investment-Specific Shocks and Momentum Profits," Jun Li (2012)
  • "Risk-Taking Decisions and Product Market Strategy of Financial Intermediaries," Daniil Osipov (2012)
  • "Essays on Corporate Governance," Yihui Pan (2011)
  • "Essays on Dynamic Economies with Frictions," Mahdi (Pedram) Nezafat (2011)
  • "The Determinants and Impact of Executive-firm Matches," Yihui Pan (2011)
  • "Essays in Asset Pricing," Fan Yang (2011)
  • "An Empirical Test of Guides to the Selection of Industrial Common Staocks for Institutions," Stephen Hunt Archer (2010)
  • "Private Information andInformation Asymmetry in Equity Carve-Outs," Huijing Fu (2010)
  • "Three Essays about the Financial Impact of Top Managers on Firm Value," Young Han Kim (2009)

Student Publications and Presentations

"Default Probability and Forced Turnover of CEO and CFO," American Finance Association, Financial Management Association, American Accounting Association, Young Han Kim