Accounting Dissertations and Papers

Recent Dissertation Titles

  • "Changes in Corporate Governance Following Allegations of Fraud Against Shareholders versus Fraud Against the Government," Lakshmana Krishna-Moorthy (2012)
  • "Analyst's Forecasts: The Role of Reputation and Trading Commisions," Sanjay Bannerjee (2011)
  • "Accounting Conservatism and Debt Contract Efficiency with Soft Information," Xu Jiang (2011)
  • "Accounting Flexibility & Managers' Forecast Behavior Prior to Seasoned Equity Offerings," Jae Bum Kim (2011)
  • "Accounting Conservationism and Debt Contract Efficiency with Soft Information," Xu Jiang (2011)
  • "The Role of Accounting Quality in Securities Class Action Lawsuits," Stephanie Dehning Grimm (2009)
  • "Disclosure as a Tool for Building Trust & Stimulating Investment," Radhika Lunawat (2009)
  • "Earnings Forecast, Earnings Management, and Asymmetric Price Response," Baohua Xin (2008)
  • "Cost of Equity and Risk in Earnings Components," Alexandre Nekrasov (2008)
  • "Accounting Conservatism & Firm Growth," Zining Li (2007)
  • "Analysts, Incentives and Exaggeration," Timothy Shields (2007)
  • "Economic Consequences of Off-Balance Sheet Financing: The Case of Equity Method Investments," Suning Zhang (2007)

Student Publications and Presentations

  • "Fraud Prevention and Corporate Governance Prevention," George Mason, Stephanie Dehning Grimm
  • "The Sixth Accounting Research Workshop," University of Bern, Stephanie Dehning Grimm