Program Structure

The MS in Business Analytics (MSBA) curriculum balances a depth of analytical training with a breadth of business knowledge. The rigorous and fast-paced program consists of fundamental business courses, custom-tailored to data science.

This one-year program only begins in June (Summer) and consists of three intensive semesters, each semester containing 15 credits of coursework. The MSBA is a full-time graduate program with classes held during the day.

Brief descriptions of MSBA coursework (97.46 KB)

Summer Semester: Business and Management Fundamentals

  • Financial Accounting (3 credits)
  • Introduction to Statistics for Data Scientists (3 credits)
  • Analytics for Competitive Advantage (3 credits)
  • Programming and Application Development (3 credits)
  • Marketing Management (3 credits)

Fall Semester: Technical Fundamentals

  • Data Management, Databases, and Data Warehousing (3 credits)
  • Harvesting Big Data (3 credits)
  • Project Management, Leadership, Communications, and Team Dynamics (3 credits)
  • Exploratory Data Analytics and Visualization (3 credits)
  • Predictive Analytics (3 credits)

Spring Semester: Specialty Courses and Experiential Learning Projects

  • Advanced Issues in Business Analytics (3 credits)
  • Data-Driven Experimentation and Measurement (3 credits)
  • Modeling and Heuristics for Decision Making and Support (3 credits)
  • Experiential Learning (6 credits)

SOBACO Brings Real Data

The Social Media and Business Analytics Collaborative convenes University of Minnesota faculty and industry leaders to research the effects of, and causes behind, the rapid evolution of information generated by social media channels.


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