Study Team and Peer Learning

Every year we witness how Executive MBA students grow and learn simply by interacting with other students. They soak up a wealth of experiences and knowledge, and their perspectives are forever altered. Our students offer amazingly diverse backgrounds - high technology to agribusiness to financial services to manufacturing to healthcare. More and more, they come to us from all over the country and around the world. These are the people you will work with, study with, and learn with. These are also the people you will learn from.

Study Teams

You will become an integral member of a high performance team consisting of 5-7 students who will be your team for the year, with new teams being formed for the second year of the program.

The goal is for the whole to be greater than the sum of its parts. We've found that team projects allow you to delve more deeply into the subject matter while also allowing you to take on more complex assignments. You'll accomplish more while also honing your team building and leadership skill.

Many of our students also discover that, in addition to the academic benefits of team work, they gain an amazing group of peers that can help give support to one another with regard to school, work, and home.

Study Team Training

We will help your study team become a high-performance group rather than a collection of individuals. Our goal is simple: create bonds that will last far beyond your MBA degree.

We start with two intensive Study Team Training sessions prior to the start of the academic year. You'll learn how to take all of your individual strengths, (and shortcomings), and use them to develop the most effective team possible.

This training culminates with each team developing its own team charter to provide explicit, shared understanding of group expectations and also provide each team with a means for managing team performance throughout the year.