Participating in a case competiton provides graduate students from across the globe with an opportunity to practice their acquired skills, deliver actionable solutions to an issue that a global company is currently experiencing, while engaging in a friendly competition against their counterparts from all over the world. But this isn't all. There are several other benefits to participating as well as individual prizes for the top 3 teams.

Benefits of Participation

  • subsidized travel, fully covered accommodation and food, networking opportunities with a variety of global employers
  • all teams will receive certificates of participation in the competition
  • all teams will receive various items from sponsors, as well as additional Carlson School gifts
  • all teams, will both rounds, will have their resumes distributed to all sponsors  

Monetary Awards for the Top Three Teams

First prize

  • $1,200 + trophy + certificate

Second prize

  • $800 + trophy + certificate

Third prize

  • $400 + trophy + certificate

Note: The monetary amount is the total for all 4 team members. The trophy is intended for the school the team represents, and each team member will receive a certificate of participating in the competition.