Develop Your Company Talent

Nationally ranked and internationally accredited, the Carlson School has a rich history of educating and preparing global business leaders.  The school offers a number of graduate degrees for your employees to further develop their skills and knowledge base.

In addition, Carlson Executive Education offers a full catalog of non-degree classes for high-potential employees to brush up on functional areas as well as customized classes for a corporate cohort.

Degree Programs

Executive Education

Invest in your talent with Carlson Executive Education

Give your employees the tools and skills they need to excel in the global, dynamic business environment. Discover convenient two-to-three day programs, led by top business researchers and business leaders that impart new toolspeople can put to work immediately.

Are you seeking to train and develop a team? Solve a business challenge?

Partner with Carlson Executive Education to build capabilities and discover fresh strategies to improve your business results. Tap in to the Carlson School expertise in three ways:

  • Tailored Course: Tailor an existing program from the Carlson School course catalog
  • Custom Program: Foster your top talent in a dynamic, customized training experience
  • Advisory Services: Get one-on-one guidance to address your business’ most urgent challenges and opportunities