New York

The Carlson School engages alumni in New York by instilling pride, supporting lifelong learning, and giving back to the School community. Join your fellow alumni at an upcoming event, or discover programs to support your alma mater.


  • Social and networking events
  • UMAA networking & Gopher game watches
  • Speaker series on business topics like the economy, globalization, entrepreneurship, and more


Become an Admissions Ambassador

Mentor Students 

  • Undergraduate Mentorship Program (link)
  • MBA Women's Mentors - email Mandy Iverson
  • HRIR Mentors - email Anne Obst

Hire Students

New York Alumni

Discover a group within the New York alumni community to put your talents to work for the School. 

Guest Speakers

This group will organize informal discussions and presentations on different topics from various people in the business community, be it Carlson grads or not. The 12 month target should include organizing 2-3 events.

Erik Allen (BSB ’99)
Vice President, Morgan Stanley

Laura Baillargeon (MBA ’07)
Past President, MBA Women International NYC

Jim Knoblauch (BSB ’72)
Director, Promontory Financial Group

John Ng (MBA ’77)
Portfolio Manager, Real Estate Division of Sovereign Bank


This group will help create awareness of the new chapter, reach out to New York alumni, coordinate happy hours and other social events, as well as act as a liaison with the UMAA NYC chapter. In time, this should be a fairly active committee.

Matt Kolling (BSB ’99)
Senior Research Analyst, Providence Equity Partners

Jeffrey Behm (BSB ’05)
Marketing Manager - Garnier (Styling), L'Oréal


This group will manage the process of identifying recent undergrads and grads that have relocated to the area and coupling them with local alumni in order to provide support. Additionally, this will serve as a means of creating a networking platform as they transition into social and professional lives in New York. Lastly, this group will serve as a liaison with the UBCC to facilitate/encourage students to explore internships and full-time roles in New York.

Dino Bilankov (BSB ’11)
Associate, Diamond Capital Holdings

Rubens Feroz
Associate, Healthcare Investment Banking, Barclays

Formal Events

This group will help promote, organize, raise capital and help prepare agendas for the summer and fall Carlson School alumni events. 

Craig Seitel (BS ’84, MBA ’88)
Owner/CEO, Axis Thought Capital

Erik Allen (BSB ’99)
Vice President, Morgan Stanley