Military Veterans Initiative

Our Commitment to Veterans

U.S. veterans and active military personnel have bravely dedicated their lives in service to the country. In recognition of this commitment, the Carlson School offers specialized support to servicemen and women and veterans who wish to pursue a world-class business education.

The school's rigorous curriculum instills corporate experience and teaches the language of business. The school builds on veterans' existing leadership, problem solving, and organizational skills, and shapes strong professionals and community leaders.

As veterans pursue a Carlson School MBA, they address real-world business problems, learn from expert faculty, and forge lifelong connections that elevate their subsequent careers.

Support Provided

The Carlson School offers veterans a comprehensive package of aid that supports students from enrollment, through their education, and beyond.

  • Internships and career coaching
  • Self-assessments and support networks to assess the fit of a business career
  • Tuition, fees and living stipends
  • Assistance with family issues, medical coverage, housing and more

Our Partners

The support of generous benefactors enable veterans to complete an MBA and compete for careers with salaries commensurate with their experience and service. These benefactors recognize that military experience can transition seamlessly to the corporate world. They recognize that helping vets is not only a patriotic thing to do, it's the right thing to do.

Together, our benefactors have provided more than $8.3 million toward a $10 million Veteran's Scholarship fund. Once complete, the school will be able to support at least 15 military veterans annually to pursue a Carlson MBA, with scholarships of up to $20,000.

Our Goal

The Military Veterans Initiative transitions servicemen and women from military service to a business career. This initiative attracts talented military personnel and honors their service.

The Veterans Fund provides fellowships to cover the cost of obtaining an MBA—up to 60 percent of MBA tuition and other expenses are not eligible for GI benefits. The fund ensures veterans can complete a Carlson School MBA without incurring burdensome student debt.

In addition to meeting urgent financial needs, the initiative matches veterans and servicemen and women to mentorships, internships, and career coaching. Through strategic partnerships with corporations, the school transitions these MBAs to a business career.

Recent estimates indicate 2,000-9,500 veterans may be seeking to enroll in MBA programs annually over the next five years. The Carlson School supports these bright, tested, and talented students; and you can help.

Our Progress

The Carlson School has graduated two veterans under the program, and seven more are in their second year of studies. With your help, the school can support the 15 new vets who will embark on their MBA in 2014-15.

Get Involved

You can show your appreciation for veterans by making a financial contribution, providing internship opportunities, or hiring these talented MBA graduates.

  • To donate any amount to the Military Veterans Fund, visit the Carlson Veterans Fellowship Gift page.
  • To provide internship opportunities or hire MBA graduates, contact Jennifer Kelly at in the Graduate Business Career Center.
  • To adopt a veteran by providing full tuition support, contact Senior Development Officer Chris Mayr at

Thank You

The Military Veterans Campaign is made possible through the generous support of our corporate and individual partners. We recognize these donors' commitment to veterans.

Corporate Partners

  • Deloitte Partners
  • Graco Foundation
  • Polaris Industries
  • UnitedHealthcare Military Veterans Services

Individual Benefactors

  • Joseph B. Abrams
  • Paul and Sue Allen
  • Susan M. Allen and Greg Lawrence
  • Richard Allyn
  • Karolyn S. Anderson
  • Lorri A. Anderson
  • Theodore and JeriAnn Angelo
  • Joel A. Barker
  • Ryan and Kristin Basballe
  • Victor R. and Fern Y. Bates Trust
  • Renate R. Behrendt
  • Matthew R. Belstra
  • Beverly J. Bergstrom
  • Laura E. Bethke
  • David P. and Jacqueline Beyer
  • Linley C. Bizik
  • Duane H. Bjorlin
  • Karen Y. and Douglas W. Brewers
  • Brian P. and Marina V. Brockway
  • John R. and Kristin Bruellman
  • Robert and Gail Buuck
  • Penny J. Calger
  • Thomas F. and Jodee W. Canfield
  • Blake M. and Candace R. Carlson
  • Kathleen A. Carmody
  • Dr. John and Sandra Chai
  • Richard R. Cloud, Jr.
  • Roberta J. Collins
  • DeDe L. Connors
  • William and Elizabeth Cook
  • Jeffrey and Melinda Cotton
  • Dr. Arthur Coury and Mary Howie
  • Robert A. and Kristine N. Crawford
  • Craig R. Dean
  • Michael R. Dempsey
  • Capt. David J Dietz, USN
  • Charles and Caryn Donly
  • William and Jane Dudley
  • Steven and Irene Edgett
  • Jack and Camie Eugster Family Foundation
  • Sara Fenlason
  • Charles W. Fiedler
  • Prof. John A. and Alta H. Fossum
  • Catherine R. Frazier
  • Don and Lorraine Freeberg Foundation
  • Marilyn R. Froelich
  • William J. Gabler
  • Michael and Elizabeth Gahwiler
  • Marietta L. Garavaglia
  • Dave D. Gardner and Ronda A. Willsher
  • Matthew Grams
  • John P. Griffin
  • Matthew A. Grimes and Dr. Lisa R. Irvin
  • Colleen M. and H. Brandon Guest
  • Dr. Jay R. and Nancy D. Hamann
  • Richard W. Halvorson
  • Gerald B. and Elaine A. Hanson
  • George W. Hardgrove
  • Jerry A. and Deborah J. Herby
  • Susan L. Herridge
  • Lauren E. Hesli
  • Ildiko and Christopher Hildreth
  • Karen M. Hines
  • William A. Hodder
  • Kenneth and Elizabeth Holec
  • Suzanne and Paul Humbert
  • Christopher M. Huset
  • Patrick Imdieke and Christine Cerkvenik Imdieke
  • M. Christine Jauregui and Mitchell Hanley
  • Michael J. Kafka
  • Dale R. Kaisershot
  • Kathryn Karlman
  • Richard and Sharon Keister
  • Diane C. Kelly
  • Richard L. Kelsey
  • Marilyn and Jack Kemme
  • Donald C. and Julie R. Kemp
  • Doug F. Kooren
  • Adam and Tracy Krasnoff
  • Corrine and Charles Kroehler
  • Ryan M. and Amy C. Kroll
  • Robert J. and Elizabeth J. Kueppers
  • Helen and Mike Kurtz
  • Peter W. La Fontaine
  • Jeffrey and Maxine LaFavre
  • Blake E. and Julia J. Larson
  • Patrick M. and Leah Larson
  • Katrina Lasota
  • Joseph Lawver and Silvia Nagobads Lawver
  • Robert E. Lee Agency
  • Sara J. S. and Mark A. Lehman
  • W. John and Martha E. Licke
  • Nancy E. and John E. Lindahl
  • Joy J. Lindsay and Roy Martin Jr.
  • Matthew Long
  • Melinda S. Machones
  • Brian and Rose Mallaro
  • Paul A. and Robin L. Maynard
  • Christopher R. and Ruth M. Mayr
  • Jonathan McCormick
  • Dr. Michael J. Mc Cue
  • Mark R. and Sandra S. Mc Neilly
  • Michael F. and Judy Mee
  • Jay T. Mega Jr.
  • Christopher S. and Jenette Meldrum
  • James C. and Robin B. Melville
  • Phillip J. and Michele Miller
  • Gerald and Marilyn Mitchell
  • Marina K. Morris
  • Dr. Michael Naor
  • Roger M. and Linda J. Nelson
  • David M. Nelson
  • Jennifer K. and Kyle Neu
  • W. Michael and Robin Newell
  • Kristen E. Olson
  • Robert & Barbara O'Malley
  • David G. and Tanner Page
  • Marc J. Paulson
  • Dr. Daniel and Barbara C. Pearl
  • Douglas and Anita Peterson
  • Robert D. and Judy G. Potts
  • Mark E. Powers
  • Jeffrey L. and Lynn M. Radunz
  • Eric Rangen and Karen Erickson
  • Richard N. and Adria Repp
  • Lindsay and Karl Reynolds
  • Paul R. Roach
  • Nancy and Floyd Romslo
  • David and Heidi Sauder
  • Drs. William J. and Rochelle A. Scheela
  • Craig C. and Jessica Schmidt
  • Jeffrey T. and Pam Schmitz
  • Michael J. and Andrea L. Schroeder
  • Lowell Schwab and Rae Carter
  • Jeff and Mary Scott
  • Paul Seel
  • Andrea Seven
  • Richard L. and Diane C. Severe
  • Myrna Shaw
  • Troy and Jenny Short
  • Margaret and Lee Skold
  • Dr. Sandra A. Slaughter
  • Lennie E. and Kenneth A. Slocumb
  • Donald D. Smith
  • Douglas G. Smith
  • Mary S. and Josh S. Stahl
  • Tom Steiner
  • Gary and Elizabeth Sundem
  • Dean A. and Amy J. Sundquist
  • Robert W. Thompson
  • Amy A. Titus
  • Erik and Rima Torgerson
  • John B. and Janet B. Totushek
  • Keith and Jan Townsend
  • Bruce W. Triden
  • Stephen and Jill Troutner
  • James R. Tuitt
  • Thomas and Suzanne Turbenson
  • Stephanie Van Dyke
  • William G. Van Dyke and Jodi Billy
  • Andrew D. Van Wart
  • Jack C. Voller
  • Bill and Judy Walter
  • Juliet A. and Jeffrey M. Weirens
  • Carolyn A. White
  • Shawn M. White
  • John and Margie Wiehoff Foundation
  • Thomas J. Williams
  • Elayne B. and Marvin E. Wolfenson
  • Mark A. and Sue A. Zorko